Arnica chamissonisOrdering closed for the season
L749 Low spreading groundcover with bright yellow daisy-like flowers used externally in oils and salves to treat bruises, sprains, inflammation. Z3. read more


Chinese Milk VetchOrdering closed for the season
L751 Astragalus membranaceus 18-36" tall. Deep-rooted leguminous plant forms an upright bush with small whitish-yellow flowers. Important Chinese medicinal known to rebuild the immune system. Z4. read more

Balloon Flower

Balloon FlowerOrdering closed for the season
L766 Platycodon grandiflorus 15-40" tall. Fascinating balloon-like buds burst into royal blue bell-shaped flowers. Great cutflower. Used in Chinese medicine for its expectorant properties. Z3. read more

Bee Balms

‘Bradbury’s Monarda’Ordering closed for the season
L762 Monarda bradburnia 2' tall. Midsummer blooms display whorls of pale pink petals speckled with dark purple spots. More compact than Monarda fistulosa. Hummingbird magnet! Z5. read more
‘Panorama Reds’Ordering closed for the season
L763 Monarda didyma 3-4' tall. Fabulous blooms in a diverse range of red shades destined to attract scads of butterflies and hummingbirds. Z3. read more
Bee Balm
Spotted Bee BalmOrdering closed for the season
L765 Monarda punctata 2-4' tall. Peculiar fragrant double-decker blossoms display multiple colors of pinkish-purple, greenish-beige and maroon. Hummingbird magnet! Z3. read more
Bee Balm
Wild BergamotOrdering closed for the season
L764 Monarda fistulosa 2-4' tall. Our native wildflower species with aromatic lavender blossoms. This is the variety most commonly used for medicinal purposes. Z3. read more

Black Cohosh

Black CohoshOrdering closed for the season
L746 Actaea racemosa 6-10' tall. Long arching racemes of creamy white and gold serpentine flower spikes. Flowers late July into August. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Woodland native. Z3. read more


BonesetOrdering closed for the season
L754 Eupatorium perfoliatum 5-7' tall. Flat-topped clusters of white to lavender flowerheads. Stimulates the immune system. Fetching addition to the perennial border. Z3. read more


ComfreyOrdering closed for the season
L767 Symphytum officinale 24-48" tall. Clusters of pinkish purple flowers above bristled foliage. Known for skin-soothing properties. Recommended as an orchard companion. Z3. read more


Purple ConeflowerOrdering closed for the season
L753 Echinacea purpurea 3-5' tall. Spiny seedheads are a beautiful coppery yellow-brown, surrounded by a single row of reflexed lavender-purple petals. Tinctured roots boost the immune system. Z3. read more


HyssopOrdering closed for the season
L757 Hyssopus officinalis 12-20" tall. Vivid blue-violet double-lipped flowers on spikes from June to September. Leaves used to ease digestion and treat chronic respiratory infections. Z3. read more

Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s MantleOrdering closed for the season
L747 Alchemilla mollis 12-18" tall. Enchanting fan-creased silvery grey-green foliage. A traditional medicinal for women. Attracts beneficial insects. Z3. read more


‘Munstead’Ordering closed for the season
L758 Lavandula angustifolia 16-18" tall. Considered the hardiest lavender. Sweet-scented flower spikes with light lavender flowers. Z4. read more

Lemon Balm

Lemon BalmOrdering closed for the season
L760 Melissa officinalis 24" tall. Lemony leaves are delicious in teas, salads, with fruit or dried for sachets. Attracts pollinators. Z3/4. read more


LicoriceOrdering closed for the season
L756 Glycyrrhiza glabra 3-4' tall. Sweet and soothing roots beneficial for revitalizing adrenal glands and good for colds and bronchitis. Leguminous plant fixes nitrogen in the soil. Z4. read more


LovageOrdering closed for the season
L759 Levisticum officinale 6' tall. Glossy green leaves with strong celery taste used to flavor food. Looks like celery with umbelliferous flowers and small oval seeds. Pregnant women avoid. Z3. read more


MarshmallowOrdering closed for the season
L748 Althaea officinalis 5-8' tall. Beautiful towering medicinal plant. Leaves, flowers and mucilagenous roots are used to soothe mucous membranes. Z4. read more


Chocolate MintOrdering closed for the season
L761 Mentha piperita 18-24" tall. Our favorite mint! Bright refreshing peppermint-patty flavor. Freshen your breath, settle your stomach and scent soaps and salves. Z4. read more

Poor Man's Ginseng

Poor Man's Ginseng
Poor Man’s GinsengOrdering closed for the season
L752 Codonopsis pilosula Vines up to 6' long. Unique pendulous flowers decorate twining vines. Balloon-like seed pods. Energizing, adaptogenic herb. Z4. read more

Spotted Joe Pye Weed

Spotted Joe Pye WeedOrdering closed for the season
L755 Eutrochium maculatum 4-7' tall. Whimsical flat-topped terminal flower clusters bloom mid-July into August. Seed clusters add unique interest to the winter landscape. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more


ValerianOrdering closed for the season
L768 Valeriana officinalis 2-4' tall. Strong upright plant with small white or rosy flowers in flat clusters above glossy pinnate leaves. Roots used as an anti-spasmodic, nervine and sedative. Z3. read more


WormwoodOrdering closed for the season
L750 Artemisia absinthium 3' tall. Shrub-like woody plant with finely cut silvery-grey-green leaves covered with silken white hairs. Frosty backdrop to perennial bed. Aromatic bitter medicinal herb. Z3. read more


YarrowOrdering closed for the season
L745 Achillea millefolium 24" tall. A natural anti-inflammatory, cold remedy and fever reducer. White flowers June to September. Excellent orchard companion. Z3. read more