Bare-root Perennial Plants

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We’ve chosen these varieties not just for beds and borders, but also because many can be used in woodland gardens, around trees, and other cool and shady places like we have in Maine. Plants that tolerate cool northern summers and perform well in our short summer season are invaluable.

Perennial Plant Care

Upon arrival: These plants are bare root. Please open your order immediately and check that the roots are firm and pliable, neither soft nor brittle. Plant as soon as possible. If you cannot plant immediately, make sure roots are moist and store stock in a cool dark place for up to seven days.

Planting: Make the holes large enough that the roots are not crowded. Add a bit of compost, leaf mold, or a small amount of balanced fertilizer. Provide rich well-drained soil high in organic matter to hold moisture.

Plant to recommended depth and water well. Provide about 1" of water per week for a month after planting.

Planting Depth is the approximate amount of soil above the top of the plant stock. Use deeper depths for colder areas and in sandy soils. See individual descriptions for additional planting information.

Flower Genus Distance Apart Planting Depth Sun/Shade Tolerates Damp?
CORYDALIS 4-5" 3-4" shade yes
HOSTA 24-48" 1-2" shade yes
MERTENSIA 15-18" 3-4" shade yes
PEONIA 24-36" to 1" sun