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Bearded Iris

‘Alliteration’Ordering closed for the season
6117 Iris x germanica Bright lemon-yellow self with slight hints of peachiness in the background. Outstanding orange-gold beard. Fragrant and sunny;... read more
‘Batik’Ordering closed for the season
6118 Iris x germanica Standards and falls rich blue-purple with distinctively “etched” or “batiked” streaks of white throughout, and a shimmering gold... read more
‘Bernice’s Legacy’
‘Bernice’s Legacy’Ordering closed for the season
6119 Iris x germanica Sumptuous velvety rich red-garnet falls really grab your eye, but almost obscure the subtle bronzy-gold beard. Antique rose... read more
‘Copper Classic’
‘Copper Classic’Ordering closed for the season
6120 Iris x germanica The color of this classic is officially called ‘Spanish orange’ which is somewhere between orange and rust. Standards are coppery... read more
‘Ghost Train’
‘Ghost Train’Ordering closed for the season
6121 Iris x germanica Rich dark reddish purple-black self, falls darker than standards. Even the beard is a violet purple-black. In the shade or on an... read more
‘Ice and Indigo’
Bearded Iris
‘Ice and Indigo’Ordering closed for the season
6116 Iris x germanica Miniature iris is icy cool with indigo markings. Standards white to gleaming icy blue. On the falls, the indigo stretches from... read more
Bearded Iris
‘Immortality’Ordering closed for the season
6122 Iris x germanica Pure white standards and falls; a pale yellow blush peeks out of shadow areas. Fragrant rebloomer with its frothy white beard... read more
‘Pink Attraction’
Bearded Iris
‘Pink Attraction’Ordering closed for the season
6123 Iris x germanica Excellent pale pink, nearly identical to ‘Beverly Sills’. Coral-pink standards, and light pink to white falls with a tangerine... read more
Bearded Iris
‘Sorbonne’Ordering closed for the season
6124 Iris x germanica Dark reddish-purple ruffled standards. Edges of falls are similar to standards, but there the similarity ends. Centers of falls... read more
Bearded Iris
The Cool MixOrdering closed for the season
6126 Iris x germanica Showy bearded iris in cool colors of blues, whites, purples and a shot of black. Some with swirling colors, some with two colors,... read more
Bearded Iris
The Warm MixOrdering closed for the season
6125 Iris x germanica A warm mix of colors, including pink, yellow, white, orange, apricot, and a hint of maroon. Bicolors and selfs.

Plant rhizomes

... read more

Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris Mix
Japanese Iris
Japanese Iris MixOrdering closed for the season
6310 Iris ensata Engaging blooms in blue, lavender, violet, and white.
The largest blossoms among the iris, usually about 5" across but up to 8", with... read more

Siberian Iris

‘Butter and Sugar’
Siberian Iris
‘Butter and Sugar’Ordering closed for the season
6311 Iris siberica Creamy white standards with Jersey butter-yellow falls. Their 2' stems make especially good cutting, and their use in tall... read more
‘Susan’s Siberian’
Siberian Iris
‘Susan’s Siberian’Ordering closed for the season
6312 Iris siberica Deep rich blue. Very similar to ‘Caesar’s Brother’, if not it. Rescued by a friend from the University of Maine greenhouse compost... read more
Siberian Iris
Siberian Iris MixOrdering closed for the season
6313 Iris siberica A mix of five varieties, in blue, lavender, purple and white.

Beardless flowers float above the foliage. Slim yet sturdy stems bear

... read more

Perennial Plants


Marmoratum Italian Arum
Marmoratum Italian ArumOrdering closed for the season
6301 Arum italicum subsp. italicum ‘Marmoratum’ A showy spike of berries is the final event for this three-season performer. Berries start green and... read more


Virginia Bluebells
Virginia BluebellsOrdering closed for the season
6314 Mertensia pulmonarioides Clusters of nodding bell-shaped flowers held above veined oval leaves. Pink buds open to sky-blue or purple-blue flowers... read more


Hardy Cyclamen
Hardy CyclamenOrdering closed for the season
6305 Cyclamen coum Reflexed and twisting pink petals seem to hover just above the foliage. In early spring, ½" flowers bloom in varying shades of pink.... read more


‘Autumn Red’
‘Autumn Red’Ordering closed for the season
6108 Hemerocallis Dark mahogany-red 4–5" narrowish flowers, almost like a spider type, with a glistening yellow throat and striking slender... read more
‘Blackberry Sherbet’
‘Blackberry Sherbet’Ordering closed for the season
6109 Hemerocallis Bright golden yellow with a black-red eye zone around a yellow throat. Overlapping flowers 4½" across in mid-late summer. Introduced... read more
‘Franz Hals’
‘Franz Hals’Ordering closed for the season
6110 Hemerocallis Smart-looking two-tone dusky orange-red inner petals with a yellow mid-rib. In contrast, three outer petals (sepals) are all yellow. ... read more
‘Purely’Ordering closed for the season
6111 Hemerocallis Broad, slightly reflexed creamy white 6" self blooms, edges lightly fluted, with lemony yellow to pale green throat. Lightly fragrant... read more
‘Purple de Oro’
‘Purple de Oro’Ordering closed for the season
6112 Hemerocallis Lavender-purple tepals with darker purple veins, lighter mid ribs, yellow-gold throat. Broad, slightly reflexed and ruffle-edged 3"... read more
‘Ruby Stella’
‘Ruby Stella’Ordering closed for the season
6113 Hemerocallis Dark ruby flowers with deep wine-red markings, a striking yellow-bordered greenish throat, and red anthers for highlights. Foliage... read more
‘Stella Supreme’
‘Stella Supreme’Ordering closed for the season
6114 Hemerocallis Soft lemon tepals, mildly reflexed, form a 3" flower with a citrus scent. Like its parent ‘Stella de Oro’, ‘Stella Supreme’ blooms... read more
‘Strawberry Candy’
‘Strawberry Candy’Ordering closed for the season
6115 Hemerocallis Delicious medium-pale pink surrounds a broad rose-red eyezone and a yellow-green throat. Often has matching rose picotee edge, on... read more

Dog-Toothed Violet

‘Pagoda’ Trout Lily
Dog-Toothed Violet
‘Pagoda’ Trout LilyOrdering closed for the season
6306 Erythronium Small graceful lily-like flowers, lemon yellow with brown spots. 2-10 blooms per plant. Mahogany-mottled soft green foliage. Thrives... read more

Feather Flower

Feather Flower
Feather FlowerOrdering closed for the season
6302 Astilbe Arendsii group Long-lasting plumes of flamboyant feathery flowers light up the shadier parts of the perennial border. Excellent as a dried... read more


‘Beth Evans’
‘Beth Evans’Ordering closed for the season
6303 Corydalis solida Pinkish-mauve with streaks of lighter color along the lower portion and mouth of each flower, darker pink at the upward-angled... read more
‘Purple Bird’
‘Purple Bird’Ordering closed for the season
6304 Corydalis solida Purple to violet luscious clusters with lighter color at the flower opening; darker towards the back.


... read more


‘August Moon’
‘August Moon’Ordering closed for the season
6307 Hosta Large rounded golden puckering leaves, 16–20" tall, stay attractive all summer even when planted in the sun; or let it light up the shade... read more
‘Blue Angel’
‘Blue Angel’Ordering closed for the season
6308 Hosta Very large oval blue-green leaves, up to 12" wide and 16" long! Pale lavender to white flowers on scapes to 48" bloom midsummer. Foliage... read more
‘Earth Angel’
‘Earth Angel’Ordering closed for the season
6309 Hosta Forms an impressive clump of giant blue-green pointed leaves with wide creamy white margins and deep ribs. 2009’s Hosta of the Year is a... read more


‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony
‘Alexander Fleming’ Peony OG Ordering closed for the season
6315 Paeonia lactiflora Among the hotter pink peonies. Our grower describes this fully double variety as bubblegum in color. Much as bubblegum might... read more
‘Benjamin Franklin’ Peony
‘Benjamin Franklin’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6316 Paeonia lactiflora Like its namesake, this peony is a very hardy late bloomer. A substantial double, deep red with slight lavender tinge, this... read more
‘Bowl of Beauty’ Peony
‘Bowl of Beauty’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6317 Paeonia lactiflora Sublime bicolor “Japanese” or “anemone” flowers up to 8" wide, with pastel rose-red petals inside and soft pink outside. Large... read more
‘Duchesse de Nemours’ Peony
‘Duchesse de Nemours’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6318 Paeonia lactiflora Early for a peony, the Duchesse produces fully double 5-7" flowers with spreading outer petals completely mounded over with... read more
‘Felix Supreme’ Peony
‘Felix Supreme’ Peony OG Ordering closed for the season
6319 Paeonia lactiflora Fully double peony, described as variously as ruby red and deep red. With its light fragrance and dark green foliage, ‘Felix... read more
‘Koppius’ Peony
‘Koppius’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6320 Paeonia lactiflora Deep rich carmine to purplish-red bowl-shaped fully doubled very large flowers bloom in the middle of peony-blooming season.... read more
‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peony
‘Sarah Bernhardt’ PeonyOrdering closed for the season
6321 Paeonia lactiflora Fragrant flowers open light rose-pink. Matures to a more delicate pink with a slight creamy-silvery edge. Fully double flowers,... read more
Extraordinary Peony Doubles Collection OG Ordering closed for the season
6322 Paeonia lactiflora Sample three Maine-grown double peonies with a red, a pink, and a pink-turns-to-white. Our choice of three varieties,... read more


Great White Trillium
Great White TrilliumOrdering closed for the season
6323 Trillium grandiflorum Also known as Wood Lily. Large (to 3" across) pure white flowers are perched above the leaf whorl. Appalachian native,... read more
Yellow Trillium
Yellow TrilliumOrdering closed for the season
6324 Trillium luteum Three tiny 1½–2" upright lemon-yellow flower petals sit atop green sessile leaves mottled with silver. Native to areas around the... read more