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Early Season Potatoes

Early Season Potato
7640 Large smooth oval tubers size up early and are largely free from internal and external defects. High yielding and scab resistant. Our grower in... read more
Redsensold out
7705 If you miss Sangre as much as we do, try Redsen, a cunning all-purpose early potato. Fry whole new Redsens in olive oil: the fluffy nuggets will... read more

Late Season Potatoes

Late Season Potato
7875 Mid-sized round to oblong tubers, largely free from internal and external defects. Slow to emerge and slow to mature, but worth the wait: the... read more

Onion Plants

Onion Plants
7500 (104 days) F-1 hybrid. Long-day. Blocky-globed rusty-bronze-skinned Patterson have emerged as Copra’s worthy heir. Large, uniform size, thin necks... read more
Onion Plants
Walla Walla
7520 (125 days) Open-pollinated. Long day. These large onions are renowned for their mild flavor as soon as they come out of the ground. Said to have... read more
Onion Plants
Yellow Granex
7519 (125 days) F-1 hybrid. Short day. Not for northern growers, better planted south of the NC-VA border. This is the variety that growers in Vidalia,... read more

Sweet Potato Slips

Sweet Potato Slips
Bonita Sweet Potato
7998 Ipomoea batatas

(95 days) Bonita has a reputation as the sweetest of the sweets. Matures early enough for northern growers to get decent harvests

... read more
Sweet Potato Slips
Georgia Jet Sweet Potato
7997 Ipomoea batatas

(90 days) The standard variety for commercial sweet potato production in the North, Georgia Jet is almost irritatingly reliable in

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Sweet Potato Slips
Murasaki Sweet Potato
7999 Ipomoea batatas

(120 days) Japanese-type sweet potato requires a longer season to mature; it may pose a challenge to northern growers, but the

... read more