Potatoes, Onions and Exotics Shipping

All orders under 300 lbs ship via FedEx or USPS.

Truck Shipping

For orders 300 lbs or more, we offer delivery by freight truck. This option can save you oodles of dough, but it’s not as simple as shipping with FedEx. Before you ship by truck, please review the list below to make sure you and your site can meet the requirements. For questions e-mail logistics@fedcoseeds.com.

  1. Your road and driveway can accommodate an 18-wheeler (53' box) ideally with room to turn around. We strongly discourage you from expecting to unload at the side of the road. Some drivers may accommodate this request, but they’re not obliged to and their willingness may come with additional handling fees. If we incur unexpected charges related to delivery/receiving logistics, we will pass them on to you.
  2. We are shipping to a commercial or institutional address. Residential freight customers should expect an additional $65 charge (freight companies presume additional difficulty and time for residential deliveries).
  3. You must be present to accept the delivery. We ask our carriers to contact you before delivery to arrange a delivery appointment. Carriers will not deliver until they reach you and make this appointment, so please have your phone handy once you receive your shipping confirmation from us. Carriers will not (or should not) deliver without you present to receive.
  4. You are able to unload mechanically with a forklift or tractor. The bottom of the truck bed delivering your order will be 4’-5’ above the ground. If you need a liftgate to lower the pallet from the truck to the ground, please let us know and we will add one for an additional $85. We strongly discourage you from expecting to unload by hand, even if your order is small, even if you’ve done it before. Doing so increases the likelihood the driver will charge additional handling fees for waiting. If that happens, we will pass those fees on to you.

If your location is not suitable for receiving a freight delivery, we’re happy to ship to a nearby commercial location. Hardware stores are a popular choice, but anyone who regularly receives truck deliveries would do. For this scenario, simply enter the address of your receiving location as the shipping address at checkout and add the name, phone number and receiving hours of your receiving location to the order comments field.

Freight orders shipping to New England, NY, NJ & PA will be charged flat pallet rates at checkout. Rates are per pallet (see chart below). For our purposes, 1 pallet = 2,000 lbs or up to 72" of height. Anything above that would begin a second pallet and so on. For a shipping quote on freight deliveries outside this area or for deliveries of four or more pallets, please email logistics@fedcoseeds.com with your zip code and your intended order.

State Pallet cost
ME $175
MA, NH, RI $185
VT & CT $200
NJ $280
PA (ZIP Codes beginning with 170-196) $280
PA (ZIP Codes beginning with 150-169) $360
NY (ZIP Codes beginning with 100-118 or 120-149) $280
NY (ZIP Codes beginning with 119) $400

For delivery to other states: You will be charged $0 for shipping when placing your order. We will find the best shipping price we can, and contact you with a quote before we ship your order.

Depot Order Shipping Rates:

If you live in the Northeast, are ordering less than 600 lbs, and want to save up to 80% on shipping costs, consider having your order shipped to a Fedco depot near you. Find out more about depot shipping.