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Early Season Potatoes

Chieftain organic sold out
7180 Rounded oblong tubers with pinkish-red and slightly netted skin. Matures later than most earlies. A Maine red-potato staple for our Aroostook... read more
Dark Red Norland
Dark Red Norland organic sold out
7190 Great for new potatoes! Dry texture excellent for home fries or boiled for potato salad. Easy-to-grow high-yielding early red. Medium-to-large... read more
Satina organic sold out
7225 They say farming leaves you wicked haggard, so polish up your style for city market with these stunningly chic Satinas. The soft buttery flesh and... read more
Yukon Gem
Early Season Potato
Yukon Gem organic
7228 A modern take on old familiar Yukon Gold, with higher yields and better PVY and scab resistances. Stocked with the latest in plant-vigor... read more
Yukon Gold
Early Season Potato
Yukon Gold organic
7230 For keeping it classic, you can’t beat Yukon Gold’s tasty butter flavor and marketable appearance. This Gold, bred to suit Idaho’s potato... read more



Ginger organic sold out
7990 Available for shipment in early March only. Zingiber officianale

Ginger in this climate? The craze has been sweeping the Northeast.


... read more

Sweet Potatoes

Orleans Sweet Potato
Orleans Sweet Potato organic sold out, early shipment deadline has passed
7997 Available for shipment in early March only. Ipomoea batatas

If you’re firing up the seedling house in mid-March, consider starting your own sweet

... read more


Turmeric organic sold out
7995 Available for shipment in early March only. Curcuma longa

This spunky little superfood adds ebullient golden color to curries and sauces.

... read more

Fingerling Potatoes

French Fingerling
French Fingerling organic sold out
7120 This fine fingerling, a spud of lore and song, is more than just a fancy fad. French Fingerlings are sweet little potatoes that you want to pick... read more
LaRatte organic sold out
7130 Plumper than most fingerlings, these rodent-shaped tubers have a name that translates as ‘little mouse.’ This little pet is versatile in the... read more
Magic Molly
Fingerling Potato
Magic Molly organic
7140 This rockstar potato just won’t stop—pick them as sweet little fingerlings early or hold out for larger potatoes later in the season.


... read more
Red Thumb
Red Thumb organic sold out
7160 Standing up to early blight is no small task for any potato, not to mention the delicate fingerling class, but the Thumbs do it. Slice one in half... read more
Rose Finn Apple
Rose Finn Apple organic sold out, substitute 7635.
7170 An heirloom in this over-developed world of plant science, Rose Finn displays some of the prettiest hues of all the fingerlings. Waxy with a... read more

Late Season Potatoes

Desiree organic sold out
7334 Satiny rose-red skin and creamy yellow flesh with a distinct flavor. Bred in the Netherlands, these large and long oval tubers will satisfy.


... read more
Elba organic sold out
7345 Elba’s dreamy yield will strike out your summer’s carried-over debts. Elba keeps solidly all winter long, despite slow spring emergence.


... read more
German Butterball
German Butterball organic sold out
7360 These plants produce delectable buttery balls that are hands-down the best-tasting roasting potato in the winter.

With flesh just dry enough for a

... read more
Russet Burbank
Russet Burbank organic sold out
7370 Known to most as the Idaho Potato, the dry mealy texture makes it a trusty old favorite. A great baking or mashing potato; you’ll have the whole... read more

Mid-Season Potatoes

Adirondack Blue
Adirondack Blue organic sold out
7240 Maintains its color after boiling, roasting or frying.

Walter de Jong and his potato-genetics buddies at Cornell released Addie Blue in 2003. They

... read more
Blue Gold
Mid-Season Potato
Blue Gold organic
7255 Also known as Peter Wilcox and, although named for Peter C. Wilcox, a professor in the Spiritual and Pastoral Care Program at Loyola College,... read more
Bora Valley
Bora Valley organic sold out
7258 Bora means ‘purple’ in Korean, which describes Bora Valley through and through.

Also known as Dr. Lim’s Potato after its breeder Dr. Hak-Tae Lim,

... read more
Carola organic sold out
7260 Fedco staff can agree on Carola as the best-tasting potato more than we can agree on anything else. These potatoes are rarely uniform but have... read more
Daisy Gold
Daisy Gold organic sold out
7263 Seedsaver extraordinaire Will Bonsall plants Daisy Gold as his main potato variety, with various others as backups. He says there’s generally a... read more
Kennebec organic sold out
7270 The quintessential Maine potato. Very adaptable to various soil and growing conditions, rugged, but sweet on the inside, just like a true Mainer.

... read more
Red Maria organic sold out
7305 If you have a potato table at your market stand, Red Maria will fill the bulk red-potato niche. Maria’s skin hue has less visual exuberance than... read more
Strawberry Paw organic sold out
7327 Developed specifically for blight and scab resistance, the merit of these bright fuchsia gems goes beyond reliably healthy crops. Their flashy... read more
Mid-Season Potato
Vivaldi organic
7330 This medium-early oval potato got a lot of press in the UK as a “slimming potato,” as some lab tests have shown it contains roughly three-quarters... read more

Potato Collections

Specialty Organics organic sold out, order deadline has passed
7080 A well-rounded spud medley from our favorite organic growers covers the seasonal potato spectrum. We’ll choose 5 organically grown varieties to... read more