Gravetye Giant Summer Snowflake Leucojum


Gravetye Giant Summer Snowflake Leucojum

Leucojum aestivum var. Gravetye Giant Tall Summer Snowflake has 5–9 faintly violet-scented flowers per stem, evoking giant lilies-of-the-valley. Also called Lodden Lily. Pure white bells with scalloped edges and green spots resemble Snowdrops, but the flowers are twice as big and bloom a month later, and the plant is three times as tall.

Blooms for several weeks, and will spread in a damp—but not wet—location. Prefers heavy soil and bright light, but not direct sun. Plant bulbs promptly lest they dry out. Species is native from Ireland to the Caucasus; Gravetye Manor was the home and laboratory of William Robinson, 19th-century botanist and author of The Wild Garden.

18–36" tall. Mid to Late Spring blooms, Z4-9. 12-13cm bulbs.

6621 Gravetye Giant Summer Snowflake
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The Royal General Bulbgrowers Association in Holland (Koninklijke Algemeene Vereeniging voor Bloembollencultuur, or KAVB) puts this large group of diverse flowers into a boring catch-all category: Miscellaneous Bulbs. The expensive catalogs call them specialty or accent bulbs; some call them minor or dwarf bulbs (even though some of the fritillaries are huge!); Louise Beebe Wilder covered most of them in her 1936 classic Adventures with Hardy Bulbs. Whatever you call them, most are uncommonly sweet, delicate, colorful, and completely welcome in spring.

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