Welcome to Fedco’s 2024 Bulbs order!

We are delighted to showcase an expanded array of fall-planted flowerbulbs, seed garlic and other horticultural treasures. Returning customers may notice we’ve significantly jazzed up our list to offer more vibrant colors, intriguing forms, fragrant blooms and robust flavors for your gardens.

In this year’s catalog you’ll find an exceptional selection of NEW! bulbs, including more than 40 new tulips, 19 new narcissus, and so much more!

We’re also proud to unveil our Exclusive Fedco Collections for tulips, narcissus, alliums and others. Selecting from both heirloom varieties steeped in history, and modern marvels of breeding innovation, we’ve curated our collections to celebrate the diversity and splendor of these bulbous beauties, which promise to transform your outdoor spaces into enchanting spring sanctuaries.

Garlic devotees may also rejoice: we’ve added a few garlic varieties to our lineup, including Chesnok Red, a marbled-purple-stripe type with large cloves and great flavor, and Phillips, a mild rocambole type prized for its extended storage life. Whether you are a connoisseur or simply love the zesty healthful bite of a fresh homegrown clove, our garlic offerings will satisfy.

At Fedco Seeds we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality products to inspire and support all your gardening endeavors. Our catalog is filled with detailed descriptions, charts and planting tips to help you select the perfect additions for your garden.

Thank you for being part of our gardening community. Happy planting!

–The Fedco Bulbs team