Precise Heat Mats


Precise Heat Mats

A good heat mat makes the difference between success and complete failure when starting crops of tropical ancestry, including most Solanums (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, husk cherries) and Cucurbits (squash, melons, cucumbers). Agritape heating element and built-in adjustable dial thermostat. Provides an extremely uniform precise temperature over its entire surface and uses 20 watts of electricity per foot.

The control unit has a flexible 3' tube with a temperature-sensor bulb to insert into the soil; set the dial to desired soil temperature. Built-in GFCI shuts off the heater if dampness causes a short.

Seed trays can be placed directly on the tape. Rolls up easily for storage. Comes in two sizes: 4' or 8' long, both lengths are 11" wide.

8838 Precise Heat Mats
Item Discounted
A: 4 ft mat (5#) $150.00 ($142.50)
B: 8 ft mat (5#) $180.00 ($171.00)
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