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Amendments and Fertilizers

Planting Mixes

Planting Mix
3G Greener Garlic Grower
(approx. 3-3.5-3.5, plus sulfur) By popular demand, we designed a special Fedco mix to meet the nutrient requirements of garlic. 3G is about the... read more


Planting Mix
5G Grow Great Garlic Greener, Guaranteed Kit currently on backorder
Just as 5G ushered in a new telecom era, our 5G kit will revolutionize your garden’s garlic game. You’ll be effortlessly broadcasting and... read more




by Ron L. Engeland, 213 pages, 6x9, softcover. Garlic is the world’s second most important allium crop. Whether garlic is your passion, or just... read more


Pest Management


Garlic Barrier® last chance!
Garlic juice concentrate—just mix with water or oil and spray to repel insects such as ants, aphids, grasshoppers, spiders, spider mites, thrips... read more