What’s New at Potatoes, Onions and Exotics

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For 33 years we’ve offered certified seed potatoes and have since added more spring planting stock to our line: onion and shallot sets, onion plants, ginger, sweet potatoes and turmeric.

In its four decades in business, Fedco has assumed different forms: first a small, simple seed-buying co-op that operated on an advance-orders-only basis, later a loose conglomeration of related businesses sharing certain common resources, operating year-round. Fedco Trees and Fedco Bulbs were founded as Fedco enterprises, but Fedco took over Moose Tubers from produce vendor Tom Roberts in 1985 and Organic Growers Supply from the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association in 1988.

The time has come to gently retire the Moose Tubers name.

For one thing, as Fedco has matured and begun a leadership transition from its founding elders to a new generation, we are making a concerted effort to see ourselves and present ourselves a single company. For another, we have wearied of the oft-posed question, “What is a moose tuber?”—especially since the answer now includes non-tuberous planting stock like onion seedlings! We are still eager to provide you with our usual array of onion seedlings, onion and shallot sets, planting stock for ginger and turmeric, and (of course!) top-quality certified seed potatoes. As always, come late March we’ll be clearing the decks of the Organic Growers Supply warehouse to receive truckload upon truckload of potatoes and welcoming back our cheerful and energetic seasonal crew to pack them and ship them back out to you, our devoted Fedco customers.

Thanks, and we hope you have a bountiful and rewarding season!

New Offerings in 2019