La Ratte


La Ratte

yellow-netted skin, yellow flesh "The Rat" describes the plump shape well but belies the appetizing flavor! This little pet is versatile in the kitchen and the most consistent fingerling in shape and size. You'll welcome these rodents into your packing shed for their ease of sale and perfect texture. Kept in cold storage, La Ratte stores beautifully and maintains its fine quality to sustain you through the winter.

For orders placed before March 8th, this item will ship on our regular shipping schedule, starting in early April with the warmest states and finishing by early May. Orders placed after March 8th will be shipped later, and in the order in which they were received. We cannot ship this item any earlier; we regret that we cannot honor any requests to do so.

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Additional Information

Fingerling Seed Potatoes

Solanum tuberosum
Fingerlings are long and thin, shaped like small fish or maybe even fingers, displaying various skin and flesh colors. Fingerlings are often prolific and disease-resistant. Though mostly late maturing, the plants set heavily and small ones can be harvested early. Chefs, market farmers and home gardeners find these beautiful potatoes have unequaled culinary qualities and flavor.