Caribou Russet

Caribou Russet
russeted skin, white flesh It’s been more than 100 years since herds of woodland caribou graced the state of Maine. At least we can still claim the potato.

Named after the city of Caribou in Aroostook County, this 2015 UMaine release was bred for cool climates, which could be especially handy if we decide to follow those caribou herds up to Canada. Vigorous plants produce good yields of large oblong russet potatoes. Using organic practices, we’ve grown really big Caribou.

Great mashed, fried, or baked. Has an exceptionally low instance of hollow heart, a common problem of most russets. Moderately resistant to scab and verticillium wilt. PVP.

This item will ship on our regular shipping schedule, starting in early April with the warmest hardiness zones. We cannot ship this item any earlier; we regret that we cannot honor any requests to do so.

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7765 Caribou Russet
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Additional Information

Seed Potatoes

Solanum tuberosum
Early potatoes mature in 65-80 days.
Midseason potatoes mature in 80-90 days
Late potatoes mature in more than 90 days

LBR indicates field resistance to late blight.