Adirondack Blue


Adirondack Blue

blue skin, blue flesh Maintains its color after boiling, roasting or frying.

Walter de Jong and his potato-genetics buddies at Cornell released Addie Blue in 2003. They also developed and released modern all-stars Adirondack Red, Keuka Gold and Yukon Gem, all huge successes in the Northeast, promoting growth in the specialty potato market and providing decent prices for wholesale growers.

This blue spud is packed with anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that can lower risks of heart and neurological diseases. The plants are ostentatious with sprawling blue-tinted foliage.

Although tuber dormancy is short and Blue is susceptible to scab, scurf and CPB, appearance is awfully festive. Note: storage life is short, so seed may be ugly when it arrives. Plant them anyway—odds are they’ll be just fine.

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Solanum tuberosum
Early potatoes mature in 65-80 days.
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LBR indicates field resistance to late blight.