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Asiatic Lilies

‘Mapira’Ordering closed for the season
6551 Lilium Reddish-maroon petals show a bit more red towards the tips and seem almost black at the center. We’re glad to offer another all-dark... read more
‘Patricia’s Pride’Ordering closed for the season
6552 Lilium Broad red-maroon eyezone on creamy white petals. Maroon spots scattered around the white throat and almost to the pale green center. Outer... read more
‘Rosella’s Dream’Ordering closed for the season
6553 Lilium Soft white to cream petals sprinkled with freckles have blushing to bright rose-pink tips and edges. Moderately recurved petals on... read more
Asiatic Lilies MixOrdering closed for the season
6554 Lilium A passel of delightful colors brightens up the early to midsummer garden with this mix of yellows, reds, burnished oranges, whites and... read more

Martagon Lilies

‘Claude Shride’Ordering closed for the season
6558 Lilium x martagon Hybridized in the 1970s from Lilium martagon. These 2½-3" reddish-maroon pendent flowers bear striking golden-orange 1½" anthers... read more
‘Sunny Morning’Ordering closed for the season
6559 Lilium x martagon Burgundy to maroon freckles on a banana-yellow ground, these pendent 3" flowers have mildly recurved petals. Pale yellow on... read more

Oriental Lilies

‘Casa Blanca’Ordering closed for the season
6555 Lilium Pure white with textured white specks and bobbing russet anthers. Petals broad in the center and recurved at the pointed tip. Their... read more
‘Stargazer’Ordering closed for the season
6556 Lilium Large 6-7" fragrant star-shaped flowers have deep rose-red slightly recurved petals with narrow white edge and a profusion of darker red... read more
Oriental Lilies MixOrdering closed for the season
6557 Lilium The five or more varieties in this mix of 34-38" Lilium Oriental hybrids will draw a crowd to your garden in August. Delight your guests... read more