Welcome to our 36th offering of quality flowerbulbs and seed garlic, and to our cooperative’s 43rd year.

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“The forsythias, daffodils, and squat fragrant hyacinths all opened as if on cue yesterday afternoon. … For a few moments, I sit with my morning coffee and watch what looks like an Impressionist painting in motion the cascade of yellows, purples, and pinks blurring as they rock in the morning breeze, a pale yellow sun welling right out of the earth, backlighting the forest of oaks and hickories.”
—Diane Ackerman, A Slender Thread: Rediscovering Hope at the Heart of Crisis

It’s been a strange spring. We’ve been buffeted by multiple late snows—which allowed the crocus and the glory-of-the-snow to show off their abilities to bloom before the snow and emerge unscathed from the melting mess, and the cold weather prolonged their bloom time. I walk by a patch of daffodils planted about 35 years ago, admiring their cheerful sunny nature, and feel comforted by the thought that they will bloom again next spring, and the spring after that. The garlic spears seem undaunted by it all, standing tall and green.

Slowing down and really looking at what’s happening each day this spring is, for me, the silver lining of the corona crisis. Fighting stress, boredom and exhaustion by minutely examining plant growth; not just the flowers but also the chives, scallions, perennial herbs and greens that do their thing regardless of what we humans are experiencing.

Looking ahead, a stalwart of our autumn has been postponed until next year. Common Ground Country Fair, put on annually by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association for 43 years, is a nexus for people gathering, where we’ve sold literal tons of bulbs and seed garlic. Many other agricultural fairs have been postponed until next year, and we reluctantly put our Fall Bulb and Plant Sale in the same category. We’re still planning the day to allow local customers to pick up orders and save on shipping, and holding on to the slim hope that by October we can welcome customers to our warehouse. In the meantime, we urge you to shop by our regular order deadline, and not bet on finding bargains late in the season; check our website for info.

This year’s list includes over two dozen locally grown varieties, including garlic, sunchokes, peonies and colchicum, and 18 NEW! or BACK! items. Look for the the “Good Deal for 2020!” note in product descriptions for especially good deals.

Fedco Bulbs is a division of Fedco Seeds, Inc., a consumer/worker cooperative. Write us with your suggestions and comments. Your interest and support help keep us growing. On behalf of Kip Penney, Bulbs Coordinator, and the rest of the Bulbs team, thank you and keep your hands dirty in that good clean dirt.

—Joanna Linden
Fedco Bulbs Area Coordinator