Welcome to our 34th offering of quality flowerbulbs and seed garlic, and to our cooperative’s 41st year.

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Transitions are happening all around us.

This spring has been an excellent season to see the results of last year’s planning and planting. Garlic is green and growing, and spring flowers are blooming all around as I write in late May.

NEW! for 2018: an expanded selection of perennial plants including astilbe, fumewort, hostas, Virginia bluebell and trillium; and a Late Shipment period to accomodate amaryllis and sunchokes.

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This year’s list includes 25 locally grown varieties—including garlic, sunchokes, peonies and colchicum—plus over 45 NEW! or BACK! items.

Our Fall Bulb & Plant Sale and order pickup day will be on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at our warehouse in Clinton, Maine. Or make plans to visit our booth at MOFGA’s Common Ground Fair, Sept. 21-23 in Unity, Maine.

Fedco Bulbs is a branch of Fedco Seeds, Inc., a consumer/worker cooperative. Write us with your suggestions and comments. Your interest and support help keep us growing. On behalf of the Bulbs team at Fedco, thank you and may your plantings be bountiful.

Kip Penney