Ladbrooke Micro Blocker Inserts


Ladbrooke Micro Blocker Inserts

Make 2" soil blocks ready to receive micro-blocks. Set of square plastic inserts can be snapped into Mini 4. Pop out the plastic nipples on the blocker and pop in these inserts. Made in England by Ladbrooke Ltd.

8850 Ladbrooke Micro Blocker Inserts
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Ladbrooke Soil Blockers

Made in England by Ladbrooke Ltd. The soil block system allows for easy transplanting and eliminates root spiraling.

A successful recipe for soil block mix (with thanks to Eliot Coleman): Mix 2 10-qt. buckets peat or coir with 1/2 cup of lime and 2 cups of azomite. Add 2 buckets of sand, 2 more buckets of peat, 1 cup of phosphate, 1 cup of greensand, 1 cup of bloodmeal and 1 more cup of azomite. Mix well. Add 1 bucket of compost and 1 bucket of soil and mix again. Add water until the mixture is spongy but not soggy and start making blocks.

Vermont Compost Fort Vee and Bio365 BIOALL™ are both popular soils to use with soil blockers. Click here for more potting soil.