Fedco Cover Art


Fedco Cover Art

Whimsical and beautiful black-and-white art is a hallmark of Fedco’s unique style, our way of counterbalancing the glossy, airbrushed color photos typical of most of the seed-catalog world. Now some of our art can grace your walls! High-quality 12x18" prints are suitable for framing or thumbtacking.

Choose from two Seeds Catalog covers: the 2000 cover (a fantastic scene of Father Time with an organic-agriculture New Year baby ushering out the demons of conventional farming), or the 2005 cover (peasants sheaving grain, with a quote from Deuteronomy about gleaning).

We also offer two options from Trees Catalog covers: the 2008 cover (a fantastic tangle of fruits and lush vegetation), or the 2018 cover (an adorable if pesky vole perched in a bramble).

9468 Fedco Cover Art
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A: 2000 $4.00
B: 2005 $4.00
C: 2008 Trees $4.00
D: 2018 Trees $4.00