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Amendments and Fertilizers


Tiger Organic 90CR Sulfur
8249 Agricultural Sulfur. 90% elemental sulfur, 10% bentonite clay. Use to lower soil pH (make it more acidic). Often helpful for both lowbush and... read more
Fertoz Organic Granulated Rock Phosphate Fertilizer
8250 (0-6-0, up to 25% total P, plus at least 30% Ca and 10% SiO2. Natural phosphorus source from mines in British Columbia, Montana, and Mexico. Apply... read more
Gypsum, pelletized
8204 (Calcium Sulfate CaSO4•2H2O, 21% Ca, 16% S) Gypsum is a good source of calcium when the pH is already at a desired level. The sulfur in gypsum... read more
K-Mag Granular Trio 0-0-22
8237 (10.8% Mg, 22% S) Langbeinite is a marine deposit of potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate in soluble form. A good source of immediate potassium... read more
Micronutrients Liquid Mineral
8244 While trace mineral products like Azomite® can be helpful for maintaining background levels of a wide variety of elements, they don’t have the... read more

Plant Protection and Pest Control


Micronized Sulfur
8684 Used to control scab, powdery mildew and leafspot. Sulfur is not water soluble; the smaller the particle the better it stays in suspension. These... read more
THAT™ Liquid Sulfur
8690 (52% S) Takes the prize for Most Infuriating Product Name—try asking the warehouse crew “Have you seen the THAT?” But we keep it around because it... read more
Safer® Garden Fungicide
8687 A liquid concentrate for home gardens, 12% elemental sulfur, a natural fungicide. Use for control of leaf spot, rust and powdery mildew on house... read more

Amendments and Fertilizers

Amendments and Fertilizers
Soil Testing & Organic Fertilizer Recommendation Service
8194 Don’t guess—test! Applying fertilizers and soil amendments without the guidance of a professional soil test is like driving downtown with your... read more

Planting Mixes

Planting Mix
3G Greener Garlic Grower
8317 (approx. 3-3.5-3.5, plus sulfur) By popular demand, we designed a special Fedco mix to meet the nutrient requirements of garlic. 3G is about the... read more
Planting Mix
Blueberry Booster
8321 A blend of Granite Meal, K-Mag, sulfur, Tennessee brown rock, Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat, and Azomite. Brings down the soil pH and provides... read more

Livestock Supplies


Blackstrap Molasses - Organic
8497 Molasses can be used for boosting crops, or as a feed additive for livestock.

Crops: Our blackstrap molasses supplies important nutrients such as

... read more