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Low-growing Alliums

Lily Leekweb sale - was 3.00
6402 Allium moly Flowering onion with bright yellow 2-3" upright umbels, naturalizing easily in sunny borders, rock gardens, light woods and under... read more

Medium-height Alliums

Medium-height Allium
‘Graceful’ Flowering Onion
6407 Allium White florets have pale pink mid-ribs and stigma, with lavender anthers. Medium-dense 2" ball laden with florets looks mostly white, but en... read more
Sicilian Honey Garlicweb sale - was 16.75
6409 Allium siculum This rugged beauty bears up to 30 delicate pendent bell-shaped ½–1" flowers on 2" pedicels, forming 4–5" spreading umbels, at the... read more
Star of Persia Flowering Onionweb sale - was 5.50
6406 Allium christophii The largest flower umbel of the genus, though not as dense as others, giving it a light airy appearance. Starry silvery... read more

Tall Alliums

Tall Allium
‘Globemaster’ Tall Allium
6413 Allium Hundreds of deep lilac florets form a dense 6–8" ball. Magnificent long-lasting sterile flower attracts raves. Makes a remarkable dried... read more


Jumbo Amaryllis

Jumbo Amaryllis
‘Apple Blossom’
6902 Hippeastrum The classically graceful pastel beauty. White lightly brushed with streaks of pink, more heavily brushed on the lower petals.


... read more
Jumbo Amaryllis
6903 Hippeastrum Brilliant gleaming white 5½–6" petals, with highly reflexed tips, and a green throat.

Jumbo bulbs produce 2 or more flower stalks,

... read more
Jumbo Amaryllis
6905 Hippeastrum Large bright red flowers with a brilliant white six-pointed star emanating from the pale green throat. White striations between star... read more

Miniature Amaryllis

Miniature Amaryllis
‘La Paz’
6909 Hippeastrum Spider-type with slender 5" petals. Upper petals dusky red and burgundy-streaked rose, with touches of light green. Lower petals pale... read more


Species Crocus

‘Snow Bunting’web sale - was 9.00
6426 Crocus chrysanthus Winter white with a gold center, very lightly feathered grey-blue on the outside. Lightly fragrant.

3–4" tall. Very Early Spring

... read more


Bulb Fertilizer

Bulb Fertilizer
3G Greener Garlic Grower
6273  (3-3.5-3.5, plus sulfur) We designed a special mix to meet the nutrient requirements of garlic. Contains alfalfa meal, bone char, feather meal, ... read more
Bulb Fertilizer
Vegemighty Bulb Fertilizer
6274  (3.4-2.2-3.5) Our own blend of slow-release fertilizers plus trace minerals: non-GMO soybean meal, Fertoz rock phosphate, organic alfalfa meal, ... read more


Hardneck Porcelain Garlic

Music - ECOweb sale - was 14.00
6232 Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Similar to German Extra Hardy, with large succulent cloves. Al Music brought this Porcelain type from Italy to... read more

Hardneck Purple Stripe Garlic

Hardneck Purple Stripe Garlic
Duganskij - ECO
6234 Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Also known as Samarkind and Persian Star, though originally from Kazakhstan. Late-maturing Duganskij (dew-gan... read more

Hardneck Rocambole Garlic

Hardneck Rocambole Garlic
German Red - Organic
6236 Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Has red-burgundy skin and light brown cloves, with double cloves common. 6–12 cloves per bulb. Stores well up... read more
Hardneck Rocambole Garlic
Russian Red - ECO
6239 Allium sativum subs. ophioscorodon Said to have been brought to the Pacific Northwest by Russian immigrants in the early 1900s, and so named for... read more


‘Delft Blue’web sale - was 7.50
6453 Hyacinthus orientalis Rich soft porcelain blue. The classic hyacinth color that goes with everything. In the current-day city of Delft there still... read more
‘Pink Pearl’web sale - was 7.50
6455 Hyacinthus orientalis Deep rose pink with pale pink veins and edges. Very fragrant.

8–12" tall. Early Spring to Mid Spring blooms, Z4-8, 15-16cm

... read more
Hyacinth mixweb sale - was 14.00
6458 Hyacinthus orientalis Fragrant flowers in yellow, pink, blue, purple, red, white and other colors.

8–12" tall. Early Spring to Mid Spring blooms,

... read more

Hyacinth Glass

Hyacinth Glass
“Antiqued” Hyacinth Glass
6451  Classic hourglass shape holds the bulb securely, with plenty of room for roots. Add interest with small stones or beach glass in the base. Clear,... read more


Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris
‘Bernice’s Legacy’
6122 Iris x germanica Sumptuous velvety rich red-garnet falls really grab your eye, but almost obscure the subtle bronzy-gold beard. Dark antique rose... read more
Bearded Iris
‘Cherry Blossom Song’
6124 Iris x germanica Pink standards atop falls of dark rose to wineberry juice with a pink center streak. Lightly ruffled pink petal edges. Fiery... read more

Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris mixweb sale - was 10.75
6465 Iris x hollandica Among the best cutflowers, with elegant airy blooms on stiff stems; cut when buds are plump. Lovely clumped in the border.... read more

Dwarf Iris

‘Katharine Hodgkin’web sale - was 12.50
6460 Iris histroides Light blue standards with royal blue to purple striping. Pale lavender-streaked falls are highlighted by a yellow crest splashed... read more

Siberian Iris

‘Butter and Sugar’web sale - was 19.75
6311 Iris siberica Creamy white standards with Jersey butter-yellow falls. Their 2' stems make especially good cutting, and their use in tall... read more


Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lily
‘Patricia’s Pride’
6552 Lilium Broad red-maroon eyezone on creamy white petals. Maroon spots scattered around the white throat and almost to the pale green center. Outer... read more
Asiatic Lily
6553 Lilium Cheery golden yellow petals with reddish maroon brushes and blotches in the middle of each petal and maroon spots in the throat. Mildly... read more
Asiatic Lily
‘Rosella’s Dream’
6554 Lilium Soft white to cream petals sprinkled with freckles have blushing to bright rose-pink tips and edges. Moderately recurved petals on... read more
Asiatic Lilies Mixweb sale - was 35.00
6555 Lilium A passel of delightful colors brightens up the early to midsummer garden with this mix of yellows, reds, burnished oranges, whites and... read more

Martagon Lilies

Martagon Lily
‘Claude Shride’
6559 Lilium x martagon Hybridized in the 1970s from Lilium martagon. These 2½-3" reddish-maroon pendent flowers bear striking golden-orange 1½" anthers... read more
‘Sunny Morning’web sale - was 19.75
6560 Lilium x martagon Burgundy to maroon freckles on a banana-yellow ground, these pendent 3" flowers have mildly recurved petals. Pale yellow on... read more

Oriental Lilies

‘Casa Blanca’web sale - was 10.50
6556 Lilium Pure white with textured white specks and bobbing russet anthers. Petals broad in the center and recurved at the pointed tip. Their... read more
Oriental Lilies Mixweb sale - was 32.50
6558 Lilium The five or more varieties in this mix of 34-38" Lilium Oriental hybrids will draw a crowd to your garden in August. Delight your guests... read more

Miscellaneous Bulbs


‘Blue Shades’ Grecian Windflower
6601 Anemone blanda Rich mixed shades of blue and violet short daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers. Enchanting dancing in the spring wind.... read more
Grecian Windflower Mixweb sale - was 5.00
6602 Anemone blanda A mix of shades of blue, pink and white short daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers. A great ground cover in light shade... read more


Indian Hyacinthweb sale - was 4.75
6604 Camassia quamash Spikes of slender-petaled starry blossoms do well around ponds, in moist areas of light woods and the garden. Silvery medium-blue... read more


‘Aurora Maxima’ Crown Imperialweb sale - was 12.50
6611 Fritillaria imperialis Striking cluster of 3-6 inverted tea-cup-like deep reddish-orange bells, 2-3" long, hangs from a leafy crown atop a tall... read more
Fox-grape Fritillary
6615 Fritillaria uva-vulpis A narrow bell of dusky purple with touches of yellow inside, and slightly recurved golden-yellow petal tips. One or two... read more
Guinea-Hen Flowerweb sale - was 5.50
6613 Fritillaria meleagris Checkered 1½" flowers are usually plum or bronze, but some are lilac-pink or white. Delicate single bells hang on slender... read more


Double Snowdrop
6617 Galanthus nivalis var. Flore Pleno Fully doubled frosty white 3-petaled bells with a touch of emerald green. 1–1¼" wide-spreading pendent flower... read more


Spring Starflower
6620 Ipheion uniflorum Starry 1" flowers, strongly honey scented. Color develops from pale blue to soft violet with darker midribs. Several... read more
Spring Starflower Mixweb sale - was 4.50
6621 Ipheion uniflorum Sweetly scented low-growing flowers in a mix of colors: pale blue, medium blue, yellow, bluish-white and violet. Several starry... read more


‘Valerie Finnis’ Grape Hyacinth
6627 Muscari Racemes of pearly sky-blue fat florets naturalize well, slowly spreading their most unusual color.

6–8" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z4-8.

... read more
Bluezz Grape Hyacinth Mix
6628 Muscari A jazzy little quintet of blue and white spikes of fragrant long-lasting densely packed bells, like upside-down grape clusters. Contains... read more
Giant Grape Hyacinth
6603 Bellevalia paradoxa Dense bud spikes are greenish teal at the top and navy blue at the bottom. Florets open deep purple, growing a narrow... read more
Grape Hyacinth
6624 Muscari armeniacum Distinctive spikes of bright cobalt blue florets with subtle white rims, like upside-down grape clusters. Fragrant. The most... read more
Latifolium Grape Hyacinth
6626 Muscari latifolium Tall, with a large dense bicolor flower; top third is deep sky-blue fading to lilac, the bottom is dark violet. Unusual single... read more
Pearls of Spain White Grape Hyacinth
6625 Muscari botryoides ‘Album’ Sweetly perfumed pure white bells. Slender racemes of fragrant long-lasting densely packed bells, like upside-down... read more


White Siberian Squillweb sale - was 7.75
6631 Scilla siberica Pure white clusters of delicate pendent bells. More gardeners should try this lovely white form of squill. Naturalizes well,... read more


Narcissus Mix

Butterfly Narcissus Mixweb sale - was 16.75
6503  Shades of white, yellow, orange and gold, many with sunbursts of color radiating from bicolor coronas. Softly ruffled Papillon Split Coronas.

... read more
Fragrant Narcissus Mixweb sale - was 7.25
6505  A mix of sweetly scented hardy narcissus. Great for aromatic daffodil bouquets. Selected varieties, mostly Large Cup, Tazetta and Poeticus, to... read more
Narcissus Mix
Rockgarden Narcissus Mix
6506  Small varieties for borders and rockgardens provide a season-long banquet of blooms. From the Jonquilla, Cyclamineus, Triandrus and Species... read more
Narcissus Mix
Sunshine Narcissus Mix
6502  From some bright and creative mind comes this mix with sunny two-toned cups. Narcissus of all colors are enhanced by cheery cup rims in red,... read more


‘Chinese Sacred Lily’
6261 Narcissus tazetta var. orientalis White petals with a golden yellow cup. Takes longer to root than other varieties and has fewer flowers, but its... read more
‘Erlicheer’web sale - was 10.25
6262 Narcissus tazetta Creamy white with a highly doubled center flecked with yellow. Reminiscent of Cheerfulness both in appearance and fragrance, and... read more
‘Wintersun’web sale - was 10.75
6265 Narcissus tazetta The most recently introduced of the paperwhites—not all of which are white. Small sunny yellow cups framed by overlapping bright... read more

Tall Narcissus

‘Altruist’ Small-Cupweb sale - was 10.00
6527  Eye-catching red-orange shallow cup and unusual amber-tinted petals. Appealing color combination opens dark and gradually lightens. 1975 Award of... read more
Tall Narcissus
‘Dutch Master’ Trumpet
6516  The Trumpet Master has large yellow petals and a straight trumpet with a flared and notched rim. King Alfred, introduced in 1899, has the name,... read more
‘Geranium’ Tazettaweb sale - was 7.75
6535  Bright white overlapping petals with a smallish shallow vivid red-orange cup. Bred in 1930, this hardy outdoor Tazetta forms heavy clusters of... read more
‘Holland Sensation’ Trumpetweb sale - was 6.75
6518  Pure white petals with a giant golden-yellow flaring trumpet. Strong upward-facing blooms really stand out after most other Trumpet narcissus... read more
Tall Narcissus
‘Ice Follies’ Large-Cup Landscape
6524  Landscape size for naturalizing. Heavily ribbed very wide flattened cup opens yellow, soon becomes creamy white, with a frilled and notched rim.... read more
Tall Narcissus
‘Martinette’ Tazetta
6536  Bright carrot-orange short cup, ribbed with a wavy rim, completely surrounded by golden yellow overlapping petals stained pale orange at the... read more
‘Mt. Hood’ Trumpetweb sale - was 10.50
6519  Opens marble white to slightly pale yellow, and turns to pure white in a day or two. Broadly overlapping petals and a wide-mouthed wavy-edged... read more
‘Obdam’ Doubleweb sale - was 7.25
6529  Fragrant, showy 3-4" flowers open creamy with yellow highlights maturing to pure white. This sport of Ice Follies is like having sweet-smelling... read more
‘Professor Einstein’ Large-Cupweb sale - was 7.50
6526  Scarlet-orange cup is a broad, open disk with fine ridges and a lightly notched rim. Rounded overlapping brilliant white petals. Plant in partial... read more
Tall Narcissus
6539  Wide open creamy yellow split cup is marked by a striking orange radiating star and white margins. Bright white rounded overlapping petals. Large... read more
Tall Narcissus
‘Tahiti’ Double
6532  Rich golden-yellow doubled perianth layered with lush bright gold and red-orange segments. Large long-lasting blooms with standout color and... read more
Tall Narcissus
‘Yellow Cheerfulness’ Double
6533  Soft yellow gardenia-like double blooms, 2½" across, with subtle flecks of soft orange and a sublime scent. 2-4 per stem. Sport of Cheerfulness,... read more

Perennial Plants


‘Autumn Red’web sale - was 4.50
6107 Hemerocallis Dark mahogany-red 4–5" narrowish tepals, almost like a spider type, with a glistening yellow throat and striking slender... read more
‘Bela Lugosi’
6108 Hemerocallis A stunner both in dark shadows and bright sunshine. Purple to maroon-plum wide overlapping petals with glowing yellow-green throat.... read more
‘Frans Hals’
6110 Hemerocallis Smart-looking two-tone dusky orange-red inner petals with a yellow mid-rib. In contrast, three outer petals (sepals) are all yellow. ... read more


‘Beth Evans’web sale. - was 4.25
6302 Corydalis solida Pinkish-mauve with streaks of lighter color along the lower portion and mouth of each flower, darker pink at the upward-angled... read more


‘August Moon’
6306 Hosta Large rounded golden puckering leaves, up to 12" long and 9" wide, stay attractive all summer even when planted in the sun; or let it light... read more
6309 Hosta Deep kelly-green leaves with glistening streaky white edges. Lavender flowers on 26–30" stalks. Leaves to 7" long and 3–4" wide.


... read more


Early Tulips

‘Abba’web sale - was 8.50
6803  Stunning full ruffled Double Early with glowing current-red petals and slightly darker ribs. Contrasting yellow base and black stamens hidden... read more
Early Tulip
‘Red Emperor’ Fosteriana
6805  Huge blooms of fiery red with enormously long petals on a black and yellow base. One of the all-time favorites; also known as Madame Lefebre.... read more

Late Tulips

Late Tulip
‘Angelique’ Double
6839  Shades of pastel pink and pale rose with lighter edges predominate this Double Late. This well-known fragrant and delicate-looking-but-sturdy... read more
‘Ballerina’ Lilyweb sale - was 7.50
6834  Shimmering long-lasting tangerine Lily-flowered blooms subtly tinged with crimson and lemon. Incredibly lovely, with elegant reflexed petals, a... read more
‘Esperanto’ Viridifloraweb sale - was 10.25
6836  Red petals with flaming green midribs that appear almost chocolate in bright light. Leaves edged white. Long-lasting cutflower is especially... read more
Late Tulip
‘Hella Lights’ Single
6829  Big lemon-yellow flowers. Pair it with Kingsblood for a quintessential tulip combination.

20–24" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up bulbs.

... read more
‘Kingsblood’ Singleweb sale - was 8.75
6830  Dark cherry-red with scarlet edges. One of the best reds: large and long lasting with sturdy stems.

20–24" tall. Late Spring blooms, Z3-7,

... read more
Late Tulip
‘Menton’ Single
6832  A medium pink with hints of violet and a subtle but distinctive apricot edge. Salmon on the inside with a yellow base. A sport of Renown and a... read more
Late Tulip
‘Miranda’ Double
6840  Full bright red Double Late, with hints of yellow deep inside the center, and green hints outside at the base. The name Miranda means ‘worthy of... read more
Late Tulip
‘Mount Tacoma’ Double
6841  Pure white. One of the fullest Double Lates and a great complement to just about anything, whether in beds, borders, vases or sconces on the... read more
Late Tulip
‘Purple Peony’ Double
6842  Saturated royal purple all the way through all petals inside and out. You’ll not find any real peonies in this color. Rich full Double Late tulip... read more
Late Tulip
‘Rococo’ Parrot
6838  Carmine-red Parrot tulip with ruffled petal borders. Central ribs warmly splashed in shades of green and plum. Very showy. Bred from Coleur... read more
‘Virichic’web sale - was 8.25
6837  Very chic, indeed; très belle et très bonne. Pink petals with a broad midrib flame of lime green. Translucent petals can appear soft pink on overcast... read more

Midseason Tulips

‘Cape Town’ Triumphweb sale - was 7.00
6807  Alluring lemon-yellow petals with brushed red edges which start fine and broaden with time. Rounded tops sometimes have wavy edges.

15–17" tall.

... read more
‘Daydream’ Darwin Hybridweb sale - was 6.75
6821  Opens yellow, matures to rich apricot, with hints and blushes of yellow and rose. Fragrant. Stunning, says Gene.

Darwin Hybrids are often sold as

... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Flaming Flag’ Triumph
6809  Enormous glistening white petals contrast with a wave of subtle purple blushes and sharp purple flames. Like a Rembrandt tulip; no two exactly... read more
‘Gavota’ Triumphweb sale - was 7.75
6810  Deep burgundy with a sunny yellow edge, and a primrose yellow base inside. Pointed flower petals. The margin between the yellow and burgundy... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Golden Parade’ Darwin Hybrid
6822  Big bold golden-yellow flowers, often touched with a fine red rim. Pair it with Oxford for a quintessential tulip combination.

Darwin Hybrids are

... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Gudoshnik’ Darwin Hybrid
6823  Creamy yellow with varying amounts of red streaks, dapples and flames, becoming more saturated as each flower matures. No two are alike; one of... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Helmar’ Triumph
6811  Bold ruby-red flames on golden-yellow petals, both inside and out. A striking show in mid spring.

16–18" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up

... read more
‘Ile de France’web sale - was 7.25
6812  Lightly fragrant large bright bold rich red flowers on sturdy stems. Long-lasting in garden or vase; popular for forcing. Maybe the next best... read more
‘Muvota’ Triumphweb sale - was 8.25
6813  Maroon-red petals have broad dusky rose-gold edges feathering into the maroon. Rich color contrast will draw you in from afar.

16–18" tall. Mid

... read more
‘Ollioules’ Darwin Hybridweb sale - was 4.50
6824  Pinky cream flowers are heavily brushed with silvery pink and lavender. Edges mature to a silvery white. Wonderfully elegant. Ollioules (ole-yule... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Oxford’ Darwin Hybrid
6825  Bright scarlet blooms with a purple-red blush on the outside. Rich mustard-yellow base inside is brilliantly contrasted by the black stamens.

... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Passionale’ Triumph
6814  Purple with lilac-purple blush and deeper purple flames, beetroot interior with a yellow base.

14–16" tall. Mid Spring blooms, Z3-7, 12cm/up

... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Pink Impression’ Darwin Hybrid
6826  Deep rose exterior with deep pink veins, light pink flames, and delicate pink edges; inside light pink and pale rose. Impressive, handsome tulip... read more
Midseason Tulip
‘Prinses Irene’ Triumph
6817  Wonderfully complex rich salmony-apricot-orange petals are finely etched with a variable dusky to vibrant plum-violet flame. Fragrant. Popular... read more
‘Shirley’ Triumphweb sale - was 9.50
6819  Delicate marble-ivory with a fine purple edge that slowly widens into a broad lavender blush. A subtly and steadily evolving look each day.

... read more
‘Stresa’web sale - was 8.50
6804  Outer petals bright red with a broad edge of yellow; inner petals yellow. Opens wide in the sun to form a golden-yellow star around a cupped base... read more
‘Strong Gold’ Triumphweb sale - was 5.75
6820  Strength of form and color make this an excellent addition to your garden or vase. Pair this saturated yellow with Ile de France for a... read more

Species Tulips

Species Tulip
‘Persian Pearl’
6704 Tulipa humilis Dusky magenta outside, lightly veined green. Inside deep violet-magenta with a bright yellow base. Opens wide in sun offering a... read more
Species Tulip
‘Van Tubergen’s Variety’
6706 Tulipa praestans A brilliant scarlet-orange, with 2–3 flowers on each stem, and possibly several flowerstalks per bulb. Flowers open wide in the... read more
Little Stars Rockgarden Species Tulip Mixweb sale - was 7.25
6711  Cheerful star-shaped multifloral tulips whose low-growing spreading habits make them perfect for a rock garden. Contains a mix of Tulipa tarda, ... read more
Species Tulip
Tulipa linifolia
6705 Tulipa linifolia Pointy fluorescent scarlet petals on a purple-black base. Cup-shaped flower with petals that open fully in sun, close up at... read more
Tulipa saxatilisweb sale - was 3.00
6708 Tulipa saxatilis Pointed lilac-pink petals with a prominent yellow base. 1–3 flowers per stem, long bright-green shiny leaves. Very easy to grow,... read more
Species Tulip
Tulipa tarda
6709 Tulipa tarda Star-shaped yellow flowers with white tips, outside white lightly flushed with dusky purple. Opens wide even on grey days. Very... read more
Species Tulip
Tulipa turkestanica
6710 Tulipa turkestanica One of the earliest tulips to bloom. Graceful pendent flowers, up to 5 per stem, sway along slender stems like wildflowers... read more

Tulip Mixes

Double Early Tulip Mixweb sale - was 17.25
6851  A sassy group for the front row of your garden beds and borders. Fully double flowers in bright colors atop relatively short sturdy 8-12" stems... read more
Tulip Mix
Double Late “Peony” Tulip Mix
6860  Pack peony-style petal power in a dramatic range of colors, from white and pastels to red and purple. Double Late tulips in solids, bicolors,... read more
Tulip Mix
Emperor Tulip Mix
6852  A royal mix of big-flowered Fosterianas for big, bold, early color. Red, yellow, orange and more. We planted some outside the Fedco Trees... read more
Tulip Mix
Non-Stop Reds Tulip Mix
6853  Celebrate spring with a long-lasting patch of bright red color. A blend of five or more varieties selected from early, mid and late tulips. Keep... read more
Pastel Triumph Tulip Mixweb sale - was 7.75
6854  Soft but not wishy-washy, just easy on the eyes. Pale peach, soft pink, lavender and more. This tranquil blend displays quiet beauty in the... read more
Rembrandt-type Flaming Tulip Mixweb sale - was 15.00
6858  Broken-color and flamed tulips, originally the result of a virus, were wildly popular in the early 1600s. Propagating infected plants is now... read more