White Lady Peach


White Lady Peach

Prunus persica Early. Zaiger’s Genetics, Modesto, CA, 1986.

Medium-to-large attractive red peach has white flesh that is juicy, firm and sweeter than most white-fleshed peaches. Freestone. Considered excellent for fresh eating but also keeps a bit longer than some peaches and holds up well canned or baked in dessert. Popular with commercial orchardists. Don’t be fooled by the name of the developer. Floyd Zaiger of Zaiger’s Genetics pollinated all of his trees by hand (no GMO) and was considered to be one of the most important breeders of hybrid stone fruits. He and his family introduced 420 fruits and nuts, including the Pluot, over six decades. Z4. (3– 6' bare-root trees)

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Peaches are self-pollinating; one tree alone is sufficient. Plant 15–20' apart.

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