Stacyville European Pear


Stacyville European Pear

Late Summer. Unknown origin. Stacyville, Maine.

Medium-sized obovate-obtuse-pyriform pears are light yellow with an orange to greyish-red blush. The sweet fruit has a delicious citrusy aftertaste. Although the fruit is good fresh eating, we prefer to cook it. Precocious and productive. Our tree gives us large crops most years.

Long ago, friends told John about the pear and insisted he make the trip to Stacyville in southern Aroostook County. When he finally saw it himself, he thought the 50' vase-shaped tree was an elm. That tree, held together with cables, was extremely old but still bearing huge crops.

Appears to be self-pollinating. Disease resistant, extremely hardy and very vigorous. They don’t keep for long; use them up quickly! Rare. Z3. Maine Grown. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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Although some pears appear to be self-pollinating, we recommend a second variety for pollination. Bloom dates for all varieties are similar. Plant 15–20' apart.

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