Shinsui Asian Pear


Shinsui Asian Pear

Summer. Kikusi x Kimizukawase. Horticultural Research Station, Yatabe, Japan, 1967.

Medium-sized round-oblate yellowish-brown russeted fruit with crisp juicy fine-textured very sweet flesh. Excellent fresh eating. Not as firm as other Asian pears.

One of the earliest to ripen each year. Pennsylvania grower and Asian pear aficionado Ike Kirschner considers this a great pear. Keeps about 6 weeks in refrigeration.

Shinsui is translated as ‘new water,’ ‘adoration,’ ‘inundation’ and more. It is also the pseudonym of one of Japan’s most famous 20th-century artists, Ito Shinsui (1888-1972). Even if you don’t know his name, you will likely recognize his iconic colorful prints of young women.

Z4/5. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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Asian Pears

Although partly self-fruitful, pollinators are recommended. The varieties we offer will pollinate one another. Some European pears, notably Bartlett, will also act as pollinators. Plant 15–20' apart.

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