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Pie Cherries

English Morello
Pie Cherry
English MorelloOrdering closed for the season
281 Prunus cerasus Summer. Very dark red-black-skinned pie cherry. Dark red flesh and juice. Recommended for pies and all other cookery. Z4/5. read more
Pie Cherry
EvansOrdering closed for the season
282 Prunus cerasus Mid-Late Summer. Morello-type pie cherry excellent for eating, jams, jellies, pies, dark red juice and wine. Naturally dwarf tree. Z3. read more
Garfield Plantation
Garfield PlantationOrdering closed for the season
283 Prunus cerasus Summer. Heirloom pie cherry grows successfully in Aroostook County. Similar to Montmorency. Hardy, productive, long-lived, disease resistant. Z3. read more
Pie Cherry
MesabiOrdering closed for the season
284 Prunus cerasus Summer. Red skin and lighter red flesh with clear juice. Sweeter than other pie cherries. Recommended for sauce and pies. Z4. read more
Pie Cherry
MontmorencyOrdering closed for the season
285 Prunus cerasus Summer. Most famous of all pie cherries. Firm-fleshed bright red fruit makes a clear light pink juice. Z3/4. read more
Pie Cherry
North StarOrdering closed for the season
286 Prunus cerasus Summer. Large roundish heart-shaped pie cherry with dark glistening mahogany-red skin. Morello-type that can be eaten fresh when ripe. A natural dwarf. Z3. read more

Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherry
LapinsOrdering closed for the season
274 Prunus avium Summer. Large sweet fruit. Vigorous, productive, upright; bears consistently in central Maine. Self-pollinating, but benefits from second variety. Z4. read more
LeningradOrdering closed for the season
275 Prunus avium Summer. Good-quality dark red fruit. Survived –30° with minimal winterkill in central Maine. Vigorous. Requires second variety for pollination. Z4. read more
Sweet Cherry
RainierOrdering closed for the season
276 Prunus avium Summer. Classic dessert cherry. Very large. Good fresh or canned. One of the hardiest sweet cherries. Requires second variety for pollination. Z5. read more
Sweet Cherry
StellaOrdering closed for the season
277 Prunus avium Midsummer. Hardy good-quality self-fertile sweet cherry with juicy medium-firm black flesh. Self-pollinating, and will pollinate other sweet cherries. Z5. read more
Sweet Cherry
VanOrdering closed for the season
278 Prunus avium Summer. Dark Bing-type fruit. Later than other varieties. Heavy annual crops. Strong vigorous upright tree. Excellent pollinator. Z5, maybe Z4. read more


ContenderOrdering closed for the season
306 Late. Firm melting aromatic yellow freestone peach. Hardy. Resistant to leaf spot. Blooms late. Z4/5. read more
Garnet BeautyOrdering closed for the season
307 Early. Medium-to-large yellow-fleshed semi-clingstone peach with excellent flavor. Recommended for colder districts. Z4/5. read more
Lars AndersonOrdering closed for the season
308 Early. Large juicy sweet yellow-fleshed freestone fruit. Z5. read more
MadisonOrdering closed for the season
310 Late. Medium-large fruit with fine-textured juicy flesh. Excellent sweet rich flavor. Freestone, good canner. Ripens late Sept. Very productive. Z5. read more
Red Haven
Red HavenOrdering closed for the season
311 Early-Mid. Medium-sized round peach with sweet firm yellow flesh. Excellent for eating, freezing, canning, shipping. Z5/6. read more
RelianceOrdering closed for the season
312 Early-Mid. Medium-sized roundish freestone peach. Bright yellow flesh, soft and juicy. Considered the hardiest peach. Z4/5. read more



Hybrid Plum Collection
Hybrid Plum CollectionOrdering closed for the season
333 Fedco’s choice of seven different trees, including at least two pollinators, one of which will be an American Plum Seedling. All individually labeled. read more

European Plums

Green Gage
European Plum
Green GageOrdering closed for the season
334 Mid-Late Summer. Small semi-freestone yellowish-green plum has tender juicy melting flesh with rich flavor. Often considered the best dessert plum. Z4. read more
Mount Royal
European Plum
Mount RoyalOrdering closed for the season
335 Late Summer. Medium-sized roundish dark purple plum. Often considered the sweetest European plum. Use fresh, dried, frozen, canned, preserves. Z3. read more
European Plum
StanleyOrdering closed for the season
336 Late Summer. Medium-to-large oval plum with dark blue skin. Green-yellow sweet flesh. Excellent for cooking, eating, canning and drying. Z4. read more
ValorOrdering closed for the season
337 Late Summer. Excellent all-purpose semi-freestone plum. Great fresh, dried or canned. Productive, cold hardy, disease resistant. Z4. read more

Hybrid Plums

Black Ice
Hybrid Plum
Black IceOrdering closed for the season
317 Midsummer. Large 2" round early-ripening high-quality hardy blue-black dessert plum. Very sweet juicy reddish-purple semi-freestone flesh. Z3. read more
Hybrid Plum
CochecoOrdering closed for the season
318 Midsummer. Delicious medium-sized fruit with soft sweet pinkish flesh. Glossy ornamental red foliage all summer long. May be self-pollinating. Z4. read more
Hybrid Plum
HanskaOrdering closed for the season
319 Summer. Medium-sized fruit with firm fragrant yellow semi-freestone flesh. Apricot-like flavor when cooked. Grows rapidly. Z3/4. read more
Hybrid Plum
KahintaOrdering closed for the season
320 Mid-Late Summer. Large red-purple plums with translucent yellow-orange tart flesh. Clingstone. Good fresh eating or canning. Bears reliably. Z3. read more
La Crescent
Hybrid Plum
La CrescentOrdering closed for the season
321 Late Summer. Roundish tender thin-skinned yellow plum sometimes blushed with a little pink. Tender yellow juicy flesh. Freestone. Z3/4. read more
Hybrid Plum
PamelaOrdering closed for the season
323 Late Summer. Medium-small high-quality sweet-fleshed totally freestone American plum seedling. Excellent pollinator for hybrids. Z3. read more
Hybrid Plum
PipestoneOrdering closed for the season
324 Late Summer. Large deep red plum with a golden blush. Juicy yellow flesh. Clingstone. Z3. read more
South Dakota
Hybrid Plum
South DakotaOrdering closed for the season
325 Late Summer. Small-to-medium yellow plum with bright red blush. Medium-firm flesh is meaty, juicy, sweet. Excellent fresh-eating. Fully freestone. Z3. read more
Hybrid Plum
SuperiorOrdering closed for the season
326 Late Summer. Very large conical dark red plum with firm sweet yellow flesh. Superior dessert quality. Clingstone. Precocious, vigorous tree. Z3/4. read more
Hybrid Plum
TokaOrdering closed for the season
327 Late Summer. Medium-sized rosy-red plum mottled with darker purplish-red and a faint bloom. Sweet, distinctive, meaty and flavorful. Somewhat freestone. Z3. read more
Hybrid Plum
UnderwoodOrdering closed for the season
328 Midsummer. Medium-to-large 2" dull red fruit. Firm sweet juicy golden-yellow semi-freestone flesh, very good for eating and cooking. Z3. read more
Hybrid Plum
WanetaOrdering closed for the season
329 Midsummer. Large, somewhat pointed, reddish-maroon fruit. Sweet tender juicy orange flesh. Delicious. Z3. read more

Plum Seedlings

American Plum Seedling
Plum Seedling
American Plum SeedlingOrdering closed for the season
316 Very decent red, yellow and orange 1" plums, suitable for fresh eating, canning and freezing. May be the best pollinator for hybrid plums. Z3. read more

Stone Fruits


<em>Prunus americana</em>
Prunus americanaOrdering closed for the season
230 Seedling rootstock for American, Japanese or hybrid plums. Also recommended for grafting peaches. Produces very decent 1" fruit without grafting. Z3. read more
<em>Prunus avium</em> ‘Mazzard’
Prunus avium ‘Mazzard’Ordering closed for the season
231 The rootstock for grafting sweet and pie cherries. Z4/5. read more
<em>Prunus cerasifera</em> ‘Myrobalan’
Prunus cerasifera ‘Myrobalan’Ordering closed for the season
232 Seedling rootstock for European plums. Not recommended for American or hybrid plums. Z3. read more