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Nut Trees


American Chestnut Seedlings
American Chestnut SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
403 Castanea dentata Up to 100'. Once common in the eastern US. Important food source for people and wildlife. Not immune to blight but propagated from healthy trees. Z4. read more


American Hazelnut Seedlings
American Hazelnut SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
404 Corylus americana 12-18' x 10-15'. Multi-stemmed native shrub with sweet nuts. Showy catkins in spring. Patchwork of colors in autumn. Can bear in 3-5 years. Z4. read more
Hazelbert Seedlings
Hazelbert SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
405 Corylus cross 8-12' tall and bushy. Cross between cold-hardy native hazelnuts and larger European filberts. Delicious. May produce as soon as 3 years. Z3/4. read more


Shagbark Hickory Seedlings
Shagbark Hickory SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
402 Carya ovata 60-80' or taller. Straight trunked with shaggy bark and branches that curve up at the tips. Bears sweet edible nuts in 40 years. Z4. read more


Black Walnut Seedlings
Black Walnut SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
406 Juglans nigra 70-90'. Spectacular shade tree with open rounded crown. Nuts have sweet earthy rich flavor. May begin to bear in 5-10 years. Z4. read more
Carpathian Walnut Seedlings
Carpathian Walnut SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
407 Juglans regia 30-50' with 40' spread. Very large fast-growing tree with edible nuts. Bears in 5–7 years. Almost tropical looking. Z3. read more

Shade Trees


Paper Birch
Paper BirchOrdering closed for the season
414 Betula papyrifera 30-70' x 30'. Medium-sized tree with magnificent chalk-white peeling bark. Valuable wood. Bark used for traditional crafts. Z3. read more
River BirchOrdering closed for the season
413 Betula nigra 60-80' x 40-60' Very large graceful rounded tree with beautiful bark. Foliage yellows before dropping. Fast growing, trouble free. Z4. read more
Sweet BirchOrdering closed for the season
412 Betula lenta 40-80' x 35-45' Medium-sized tree with graceful shiny bronze branches. Catkins dangle in spring. Foliage turns splendid golden-yellow in fall. Z3. read more
Yellow Birch
Yellow BirchOrdering closed for the season
411 Betula allegheniensis 60-75' x 40-50'. Deep golden-yellow bark glows with a satiny sheen. Valuable timber. Twigs make a wonderful tea. Shade-tolerant and adaptable. Z3. read more


‘Valley Forge’ American Elm
‘Valley Forge’ American ElmOrdering closed for the season
423 Ulmus americana 60x70'. Large fast-growing graceful native shade tree with long loose branches. Disease-resistant cultivar. Z3/4. read more


GinkgoOrdering closed for the season
416 Ginkgo biloba 50-80'. Upright tree when young, becoming wide-spreading and graceful. Unique fan-shaped foliage turns sparkling golden-yellow in fall. Z3. read more


HoneylocustOrdering closed for the season
417 Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis 50' x 30-35'. Beautiful fast-growing nitrogen-fixing tree. Good for erosion control. Tolerates drought, pollution, salt, disease and insects. Z4. read more


Eastern HophornbeamOrdering closed for the season
418 Ostrya virginiana 20-40' x 15-20' Small native upland understory tree is tougher than nails. Shaggy bark. Seeds mature in papery cones resembling hops. Z3. read more


American Linden
American LindenOrdering closed for the season
422 Tilia americana 60-80' x same. Tall stately tree with rounded crown and low-hung spreading branches. Sweetly fragrant yellow June flowers. Z3. read more


Sugar Maple
Sugar MapleOrdering closed for the season
410 Acer saccharum 50-100'. Largest of our native maples. Colorful fall foliage. Valued for shade, syrup and lumber. Boil sap to make real maple syrup. Z3. read more


MusclewoodOrdering closed for the season
415 Carpinus caroliniana 10-40' x same. A small floodplain or understory tree with long crooked branches and smooth grey ribbed bark. Striking foliage in fall. Z2. read more


Bur Oak
Bur OakOrdering closed for the season
419 Quercus macrocarpa 70-80' x same. Hardiest of the white oaks with a deeply grooved massive trunk and a wide-spreading crown. Dark green foliage. Large fringed acorns. Z3. read more
Red Oak
Red OakOrdering closed for the season
420 Quercus rubra 60-75' x 45'. The most common oak in northern New England. Magnificent open rounded crown. Fast growing. Tolerant of different conditions. Z4. read more


Niobe Weeping Willow
Niobe Weeping WillowOrdering closed for the season
421 Salix alba ‘Tristis’ 50x50'. The classic weeping willow, a very large majestic graceful wide-spreading tree. Z4. read more