Saturn Peach


Saturn Peach

Prunus persica Early-Mid. NJF2 (NJ602903 x Pallas) Rutgers NJ Ag Exp Stn intro, 1985.

From a category called Peento peaches, doughnut peaches or UFO peaches because they are flat! Looks like it came from the other side of the galaxy. Descended from the wild disc-shaped pan tao peaches in China. Once thought to be heavenly fruits that would bestow immortality on those who tasted their flesh. Saturn is bred for bud cold-hardiness while maintaining the pan tao’s legendary sweet aromatic peachy deliciousness. Red blush over a creamy green background. White flesh and semi-freestone. Yields a heavy crop.

Ripens around the same time as Redhaven. Resistant to leaf spot. Z5, but currently testing hardiness in Z4. We’ll keep you posted. (3– 6' bare-root trees)

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Peaches are self-pollinating; one tree alone is sufficient. Plant 15–20' apart.

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