Pyrus OHxF97 Rootstock


Pyrus OHxF97 Rootstock

(Pear) (Old Home x Farmingdale 97) Produces a vigorous hardy well-rooted almost-standard-sized tree. Superior to Pyrus communis in numerous ways, and can be used for both European and Asian pears. We use “97s” for our Fedco catalog offerings. Z3/4.

We have two shipping options for rootstock:

Choose A for our regular late-March to mid-April shipping window (to receive rootstock with other plants, if ordered).
Choose B for mid-March (to receive rootstock with scionwood, if ordered).

Note: scionwood ships only in March. If you order scionwood and select late-March to mid-April shipping for your rootstock, they will be shipped at different times.

276 Pyrus OHxF97
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276B: March shipment, 10 for $29.50
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Additional Information

Hardy Rootstocks

We do our best to provide ¼" caliper stock. Because of factors beyond our control (such as weather!) stock may be 31638".

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