‘Plena’ Cinnamon Rose


‘Plena’ Cinnamon Rose

Rosa cinnamomea 4-6' x same.

Ruffled 2" pink blossoms with a mildly spicy sweet fragrance. Rare and mysterious species rose, most likely brought to North America by early settlers from France. Commonly found near old abandoned farmsteads throughout Maine and New Brunswick. We are offering the more commonly seen Plena, which has a double flower, unlike the straight species which is single.

Among the first wild roses to flower in Maine, seen late May and early June on some of the old back roads. Vigorously suckering, low growing and very thorny. We look forward to this lovely rose each year. Plant it where it has plenty of space to sucker and spread and do its thing without pricking you. Highly adaptable. Z4. (9-18" bare-root plants)

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Plant crowns 4–6' apart, in a large well-fertilized hole, in an area with at least 4–6 hrs of sun per day.

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