‘Mount Hood’ Hops


‘Mount Hood’ Hops

Humulus lupulus Late summer. Up to 20-30' (Hallertau Mittelfrüh x USDA 19058M male) OR St U, 1989.

Low-to-moderate bitterness with 4-7% alpha acid content. Spicy and floral aromas are great for a variety of brews including lager, pilsner, wheat beer and especially German- or Belgian-style ales.

Mt. Hood resulted from efforts to create an American hop that captured some of the old school terroir of early European “noble” hops, of which there are only four, including Hallertau, Mt. Hood’s parent. Z3. (5-6" female rhizomes)

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Hops are self-pollinating. Dig holes about 1' deep and at least 3' apart in rows, plant 2 rhizomes per hole, and cover with 1–2" of loose soil.

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