‘Jan’ Bush Cherry


‘Jan’ Bush Cherry

Prunus japonica x P. jacquemontii 4-5' x same. Elwyn Meader intro. Durham, NH.

Bright red fruit is tart and smaller than a typical pie cherry but a lot easier to grow in northern New England. Very little true cherry flavor but still fun to eat and much easier to pick. Good for pie or jam. Whitish-pink blossoms in early spring are highly ornamental and thronged with native bees.

Productive and precocious. Small tart fruit is prolific from an early age. An average harvest on a mature plant is 3-4 quarts. Good for jams, processing or drying. Pit is somewhat large in comparison to flesh.

Dr. Meader wanted a cherry that would flower late to avoid damage from spring frosts. While Joel appears to be the better of the two, Jan makes a great pollinator and is a fine snack in the garden.

Needs Joel for pollination. Plant in partial to full sun. Susceptible to brown rot. Z3. Maine Grown. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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