Hollow Stem Joe Pye Weed - Organic


Hollow Stem Joe Pye Weed - Organic

Eutrochium fistulosum 6' tall. Also called Queen of the Meadow.

Dusky-rose flowers are held on beautiful wine-red stems that are dusted with a light purplish bloom. Leaves whorl in sets of 4 to 7, with slightly more rounded teeth than other Joe Pye’s. More adaptable to heat and drought than the other species we’re offering. Native to eastern North America. Z4. Maine Grown. (bare-root crowns)

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691 Hollow Stem Joe Pye Weed - Organic
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Additional Information

Joe Pye Weed

Tall architectural clump-forming North American native wildflowers feature big soft terminal clusters of mini pink florets on strong stems from midsummer to early fall. Whorls of lance-shaped serrated leaves look good all summer. Chickadees like to pick at the tawny dried seed heads in winter. Flowers can be used for dyeing.

Choose a planting site where Eutrochium can naturalize at the back of a border, or along the edge of a wood. We’ve let ours spread into a tall perennial hedge right along the front of the house where it mingles in full sun with globe thistle and goldenrod. The deer don’t seem interested, but pollinators abound!

Native to eastern North America, found along the edges of moving water, in damp meadows, and in moist roadside ditches. Readily spreads from seed and underground rhizomes, so plant it thoughtfully if you are working in a small space. All three species we’re offering do well in moist soil and full sun. They can handle part to full shade, although they might need support.

Herbaceous Perennial Plants

When you receive your order, open the bags and check the stock immediately. Roots and crowns should be firm and pliable. Surface mold is harmless and will not affect the plant’s future performance. Store plants in their packaging in a cool (35–40°) location until you are ready to plant. If it’s going to be awhile, you can pot up your perennials.

Do not plant bare-root perennial plant crowns directly outdoors before danger of frost has passed. Wet and/or cold conditions for an extended period may cause rotting.

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