Celtis occidentalis 40-60' x same, but can grow to 100'

Long-lived shade tree that will grow in a wide range of conditions. Produces a hard little blue-black fruit, important fall and winter forage for birds and mammals. The larvae of several butterfly species rely on its leaves.

Mature specimens exhibit corky ridged bark, spreading crown and slightly arching limbs like its relative the elm, but not as dramatic. A lovely old specimen grows in Belgrade where Laura harvests blueberries. Must have been deposited by a traveling critter because it’s the only one around.

Very adaptable, tolerates shade, wind and pollution. Loves moist well-drained soils and full sun. Late to break dormancy. Plant and water once and then don’t water again until the leaves emerge. Native from southern Quebec to North Carolina and west. Z3. (1-3' bare-root trees)

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