Golden Spice European Pear


Golden Spice European Pear

Fall. Perry pear. MN #4. Parentage unknown. U Minn, 1949.

Small fruit resembles Seckel, only larger. Clear yellow skin with light red blush. Light yellow fine flesh is tart, astringent and unusually spicy. Not the best for fresh eating but Laura Sieger of Bent Bough Cider says it is promising for perry. We’ll keep you posted after the first batch is done. Not a keeper.

Ure is a good pollinator for Golden Spice, which is in turn a good pollinator for other pears. Vigorous productive tree. Extremely hardy. We offer it especially for perry enthusiasts in the coldest districts. Even the worst of northern New England winters will cause little or no damage. Z3. Maine Grown. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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Although some pears appear to be self-pollinating, we recommend a second variety for pollination. Bloom dates for all varieties are similar. Plant 15–20' apart.

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