<em>Rosa rugosa</em>

Rosa rugosa Rose

4-6' x same. Also called Japanese Rose or Beach Rose.

Vigorous spreading shrub with dark green wrinkled (rugose) leaves. Flowers range from deep pink to white. Large edible red hips up to 1" are good for jams, teas and fresh eating right off the bush.

Deb Soule of Avena Botanicals uses rugosa petals in her much-loved Rose Petal Elixir. Considered by herbalists of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions to be rejuvenating and cooling.

Blooms form on both old and new wood, so pruning necessary only to control size.

Prefers full sun and well-drained sandy soil but also flourishes in fertile garden beds. Tolerates salt, pollution and drought; practically care-free. Native to China and Japan and assumed to have been brought here by sailors long ago. Z2. (1-3' bare-root plants)

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Plant crowns 4–6' apart, in a large well-fertilized hole, in an area with at least 4–6 hrs of sun per day.

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