<em>Malus</em> ‘Antonovka’

Malus ‘Antonovka’ Rootstock

(Apple) Hardy Russian seedling rootstock for full-sized “standard” apple trees.

The hardiest rootstock we offer. Space trees 20-30' apart. Z3.

Scionwood ships only in March.
We ship rootstock in both March and April.
Choose A, C, or E for April shipment.
Choose B, D, or F for March shipment.

225 Malus ‘Antonovka’
Item Discounted
225A: April shipment, 10 for $29.50
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225B: March shipment, 10 for $29.50
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225C: April shipment, 50 for $75.00
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225D: March shipment, 50 for $75.00
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225E: April shipment, 100 for $125.00 ($118.75)
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225F: March shipment, 100 for $125.00 ($118.75)
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Additional Information

Hardy Rootstocks

We do our best to provide ¼" caliper stock. Because of factors beyond our control (such as weather!) stock may be 31638".

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All apple trees require a second variety for pollination.

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