David Crabapple


David Crabapple

Malus 12x12' Arie den Boer intro, 1957.

Naturally small tree with a compact rounded open form recommended for small spaces. Light pink buds open to abundant single white blooms. Bright red showy ½" persistent fruit. Outstanding in bloom and in fruit. Light green glossy foliage. On nearly every list of recommended crabs.

Arie den Boer, author of the classic 1959 book Ornamental Crabapples, could be considered the “inventor” of the modern crabapple. Largely through his efforts, the crab became the popular ornamental it is today. The Arie den Boer Arboretum in Des Moines, IA, includes one of the largest collections of crabapples in the world.

Excellent disease resistance. Alternate bloomer. Z4. Maine Grown. (Semi-dwarf: 2½-5' bare-root trees)

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