‘Cardinal de Richelieu’ Rose


‘Cardinal de Richelieu’ Rose

Rosa gallica 2-3' x 3-4' Laffay, France, 1840.

Highly fragrant dark purple-burgundy double 3" blooms in midsummer. Densely petaled flowers hold their fragrance and can be dried whole. Smooth green foliage. Bushy and smooth stemmed. Not thornless, but less thorny than thorned roses. Another one of our favorites. Susan likes to say that Cardinal de Richelieu invented mayonnaise.

Rugged and easy to grow. Blooms on old canes so minimum pruning and maintenance required. Soil adaptable. Sun or partial shade. Z3/4. (9-18" bare-root plants)

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Plant crowns 4–6' apart, in a large well-fertilized hole, in an area with at least 4–6 hrs of sun per day.

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