Beurre Clairgeau European Pear


Beurre Clairgeau European Pear

Pyrus communis Mid-Late Fall. Pierre Clairgeau intro, Nantes, France, circa 1830.

Large Bartlett-shaped yellow fruit with a beautiful red blush sprinkled with russet. At its best, the fruit is richly flavored, melting, buttery, juicy, sweet and aromatic. Brought to the U.S. around 1854, Clairgeau found its niche for canning and other cooking.

The trees are beautiful, vigorous, unusually upright, healthy, very productive, bearing young and annually. Quickly spread throughout New York and New England up into Maine, becoming a mainstay of American pear growing at that time. Now mostly forgotten—we’re pleased to have it back. Z4. Maine Grown. (2½-6' bare-root trees)

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European Pears

Although some pears appear to be self-pollinating, we recommend a second variety for pollination. Bloom dates for all varieties are similar. Plant 15–20' apart.

For 2023, European Pears and Perry Pears are on OHxF97 or a similar rootstock, and Asian Pears are on OHxF97 or Pyrus betulaefolia rootstock. These rootstocks are subject to change based on availability and we are unable to accommodate pear rootstock requests.

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