Attika Sweet Cherry


Attika Sweet Cherry

Prunus avium Late Summer. A chance seedling of unknown parentage. RPIB, Holouvosy, Czech Republic, 1981. Also called Kordia.

Dark large heart-shaped firm fruit has a strong sweet flavor. Long green attractive stems. Resistant to cracking. Ripens about two weeks later than Bing. Widely distributed around the world but not found commercially due to lower crop weights compared to other varieties. Excellent for the home garden and collector. New to our trials. Let us know how it does for you! Flowers can be sensitive to late frost. Pollination requirements uncertain: plant a second variety for good yields. Z5. (2½-6' grafted bare-root trees)

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Sweet Cherries

Pollination varies among sweet cherries; see individual description for pollination requirements. Plant 15–20' apart.

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