American Sycamore


American Sycamore

Plantanus occidentalis 75-100' x same. Also called American Planetree, Water Beech or Buttonball-tree.

Extraordinary native shade tree considered to be the largest indigenous hardwood in the U.S. The trunks and stems are a strikingly mottled patchwork of greenish-grey bark plates against chalky white background. Large 6"-wide lobed leaves resemble sugar maple. Branches twist and turn often at a sharp right angle. A remarkable show against the winter sky.

Grows well in average moist well-drained soils in full sun but will tolerate light shade.

Little brown fruiting balls turn fuzzy and disperse in the winter wind and are eaten by finches and juncos. We caught a few from a giant old grandmother tree growing up on the riverbanks of the Hudson River in upstate NY. These are her seedlings.

Native to bottomlands and riverbanks Maine to Minnesota and south to Texas. Suffered minor dieback in our Zone 4 trials during winter 2019 but rebounded with vigor. Z4/5. Maine Grown. (2-4' bare-root trees)

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