‘Elegant’ Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas 20-25' x 15-20' Bred by Svetlana Klimenko, a Ukranian botanist at the Central Botanic Garden in Kiev.

Selected for good fresh-eating flavor. Ripens around the third week of August in Maine. Picking window lasts between two and three weeks.

Fruits are about 1¼" long with a very slender elongated shape. Soft flesh is tricky to pit so best eaten out of hand.

Grafted and grown by Seth Yentes of North Branch Farm. Native to Europe and Asia. Z4/5. Maine Grown. (2-5' bare-root plants)

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Additional Information

Cornelian Cherry

Considered partially self-fruitful, so we recommend planting more than one cultivar to ensure pollination. Likely to bear fruit in 2–3 years.

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