Weld Dye Plant - Sustainably Grown


Weld Dye Plant - Sustainably Grown

Reseda luteola
Known as Dyer’s Rocket. Biennial to Zone 5, harvested for dye in the second year. Used since antiquity, weld is said to be the best natural source of deep yellow dye, both wash-fast and light-fast. Leaves, flowers and seed will all yield color. When overdyed with woad, weld makes Lincoln Green, said to be the method Robin Hood and his band used for their characteristic gang color. A small basal rosette the first year grows into a 4–5' plant the second year with spikes of small yellowish green flowers appearing in June. Thrives in well-drained moderately fertile preferably alkaline soil free of weeds. Provide wide spacing with no additional nitrogen for best dye yield. Self sows. Attractive to bees and slugs. ~4,760/g.
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Susanne Grosjean, of the Wednesday Spinners group in Downeast Maine, says, “You need only three dye plants: indigo for blue, madder for red and weld for yellow. Three primary colors, all excellent color-fast dye plants.”

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