Tiger’s Eye Shell & Dry Bean - Sustainably Grown


Tiger’s Eye Shell & Dry Bean - Sustainably Grown

(65 days shell, 85 days dry) Also called Pepa de Zapallo, originally from Argentina and Chile. Among the most beautiful of all beans, bright golden ochre with maroon swirls and a smattering that are maroon with golden speckles. That would be reason enough to grow them, but they also make superb fresh shell and delicious baked beans with rich full-bodied flavor. A good pinto substitute: the tender skins pretty much disappear upon cooking. Wide 4" pods fill with large flattened kidney-shaped seeds mostly white at the shell stage but taking on more yellow as they dry. Bush plants grow 2' with a slight tendency to vine.

335 Tiger’s Eye - Sustainably Grown
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Additional Information

Shell and Dry Beans

Phaseolus vulgaris 2 oz packet sows 25 ft; 1 lb, 200 ft. All bush beans except where noted.

Culture: In conditions of high nitrogen fertility some bush beans may develop vines in moist hot weather. Tender, will not survive frost. Plant 3–4 seeds/ft in rows 24–30" apart. Pick frequently for maximum yields, but avoid disturbing foliage in wet weather to prevent spread of fungal diseases.

Harvest shell beans when the beans are plump inside pods. For dry beans allow pods to dry on the vine until pressing the beans with your fingernail leaves no indentation. If heavy rains threaten just before maturity, pull plants by the roots and hang them in a dry place to finish or pick pods, shell and finish drying indoors.