Sussex Flax Dye Plant - Organic

Sussex Flax
Sussex Flax
(110 days) Linum usitatissimum Open-pollinated. I’d been seeking a seed source for this “most useful” (usitatissimum) flax for ages when I discovered that our very own Roberta Bailey was growing a seed crop of the variety I sought. Roberta densely broadcast seeds in late spring and encircled the patch by a simple rope fence to keep the 3' plants with blue flowers from falling in the winds and rain. Come October, after a few light frosts, the plants were easy to pull and most of them had ripened brown seeds. Brown seeds are richer with more intense flavor than golden flax, and Sussex, as tested by the Irish Seed Savers Association, was found to have a higher alpha-linolenic acid content (an omega 3 fatty acid) than 17 other varieties. Added to porridge or to flaxjacks, the many benefits include tempering of anxiety and depression and improvement of eye health. From what I hear, processing the abundant flax straw into fiber for spinning will not be so easy. But what better endeavor to pursue during a long dark winter? NEW!

5930 Sussex Flax - Organic
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