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Ed’s Red Shallot OG (105 days) Open-pollinated. Three years ago when we were looking for a Prisma replacement we put a couple open-pollinated candidates into our trials. Ed’s Red won hands down in taste: full flavored, delicious, sweet and meaty—better than Prisma. But the form was not at all uniform. Enter farmer-extraordinaire Beth Rasgorshek, who did some selections for us. The result is this newly improved Ed, fresh out of the field. You won’t be disappointed by these fairly large gorgeous red shallots with storability almost as great as the legendary Prisma. WA-certified organic. NEW!
Item Discounted
2441A: 1/16oz for $1.80  
unavailable, crop failure
2441B: 1/8oz for $3.50  
unavailable, crop failure
2441C: 1/2oz for $12.00  
unavailable, crop failure
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Allium cepa (aggretatum group)

Days to maturity are from date of transplanting. The sweetest and mildest member of the onion family, important in Asian, Persian and French cuisines.

Culture: Start indoors in Feb. or March and transplant out in spring almost as soon as the ground can be worked. Set 4–6" apart in trenches in well-dug beds with generous quantities of organic matter. Avoid transplanting next to grass strips; slugs love to dine on tiny allium seedlings. Irrigate seedlings whenever the topsoil dries out.

Minimum germination temperature 50°, optimum range 60-70°, optimal temp 68°. Emergence 13 days at 50°, only 5 days at 68°, 99% normal seedlings at 68°. We discourage the use of bottom heat because onions germinate poorly in temperatures above 70°.

Shallot sets are available from Moose Tubers.


Diseases: PB: Purple Blotch, PR: Pink Root