Pure White Elongated Eggplant


Pure White Elongated Eggplant

(75 days) F-1 hybrid. Asian eggplant features beautiful elongated cylindrical curved 12x1½" off-white fruits that go a long way. The most productive variety in our 2013 trial averaged 4 per plant, with significant ripening around Sept. 4 and 70% maturity before frost. Our trialers noted its “creamy nice texture,” “good mild flavor,” with “slight non-bitter aftertaste,” “moderately chewy skin” and sweetness. One observed that its sharper-than-expected flavor sweetens when fried.

3682 Pure White
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Additional Information


Solanum melongena

Days to maturity are from date of transplanting, not seeding.
0.2 gram packet ~48 seeds, 0.4 gram packet ~96 seeds.

Culture: Despite some help from a changing climate, growing eggplant remains a challenge in the north. We recommend raised beds, row covers and plastic or IRT mulch. Our selections are the most reliable producers we’ve found, yet some seasons even our skilled trialers get only sparse production of ripe fruits some seasons.

Minimum germination temperature is 60°, optimal range 75–90°. Some varieties require fluctuating day and night temperatures.

Disease: V = Verticillium

Pest: Colorado Potato Beetle
Cultural controls: rotation, control solanaceous weeds such as horse nettle, rapid flaming, suction devices, hand-picking if pressure is low, mulch before adults arrive.
Materials: Spinosad
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