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Pole Beans

Pole Bean
Monte Gusto
283MG (58 days) An elegant standout in wax pole beans. Bright yellow 7–8" pencil-thin smooth filet beans are blemish-free, exceptionally productive, and... read more


2152EA (25-35 baby, 55 days full size) F-1 hybrid. Of the Early Wonder class with quick root growth and tall bright green tops, Eagle soared in our 2018... read more


Broccoli, Non-Heading

Broccoli, Non-Heading
3328BU (75 days) F-1 hybrid. We became enamored of this Bejo Seeds sprouting type when our summer trial of standard green-headed broccoli was torched by... read more


Flame Star
Flame Star
3412FS (68 days) F-1 hybrid. The first discovery of an orange cauliflower was in 1970 in a field of white cauliflower near Toronto. This carotene-rich... read more


Slicing Cucumbers

Slicing Cucumber
Longfellow OG
1335LO (70 days) Open-pollinated. Bred and released in 1927 by Jerome B. Rice Seed Co, Cambridge, NY. Stubborn Ox Farm of Brooks, ME, hosted Fedco’s 2018... read more


Bell-shaped Eggplants

Bell-shaped Eggplant
Annina OG
3679AO (64 days in unheated tunnel, 72 days open field) F-1 hybrid. Annina’s slightly curved extended-teardrop shape is covered with purple and lavender... read more

Flower Seeds


Hot Biscuits
Hot Biscuits OG
4832HO Amaranthus cruentus (65-75 days) Flaunts glorious 2' chestnut-bronze to copper-colored well-branched seedheads atop its majestic 4' stalks at... read more


Cupcakes OG
5017CO (90-100 days) Cosmos bipinnatus These shimmering delicate beauties were named for the pleating of cupcake papers, which prosaically describes the... read more


Ballerina Mix
Ballerina Mix OG
5051BO Datura metel (95 days) Perennial in Zone 8-10. This summer my friend called at short notice to come enjoy her night-blooming cereus, whose bloom... read more
Purple Ballerina
Purple Ballerina OG sold out, substitute 5051.
5050DO Datura metel (95 days) Perennial in Zone 8-10. This summer my friend called at short notice to come enjoy her night-blooming cereus, whose bloom... read more


Grace Mix Godetia
Grace Mix Godetia OG
5111GO Clarkia amoena (90 days) Annual. Also called Farewell to Spring. Frank Morton, who’s growing a lot of flowers these days, calls this godetia the... read more


White Finch Laceflower
White Finch Laceflower OG
5157WO Orlaya grandiflora (65-70 days) Annual. Though the bird hails from Australia, with this beauty in your garden, you can add white finches to your... read more


Frizzle Sizzle
Frizzle Sizzle
5308FS Viola x wittrockiana The cancan dancers of the flower world, with their ruffled petticoats in a splendid panoply of colors, are making their... read more

Queen Anne’s Lace

Dara OG sold out
5385QO Daucus carota (70 days) We’re kissing Purple Kisses goodbye; there’s a new Queen in town—Dara. This time, rather than starting from a carrot, a... read more


Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix
Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix OG
5720ZO Zinnia elegans (85-90 days) While we have extolled Jim Baggett’s vegetable breeding efforts in the past and carry several of his peas and a... read more



Full Heart Batavian
3092BL (85 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Escarole. Although very similar to Broad-Leaved, we liked this strain better for being a little more... read more

Perennial Greens

Turkish Rocket
Turkish Rocket ECO sold out
3195TR Bunias orientalis Perennial, Zones 4-8. A few years ago, defeated by the resident flea beetle population. I gave up on growing brassicas in my... read more


Fennel OG
4560FO (65 days) This fennel, which doesn’t bulb, puts all its energy into making seeds. Although used similarly to anise in cooking, fennel seed is much... read more

Kale and Collards

Dinosaur Kale

Dazzling Blue
Dinosaur Kale
Dazzling Blue OG
3465DO (60 days) What fun! Vigorous 24–34" upright savoyed lacinato-leaved kale in a range of bluish-green shades and all with a dramatic pink mid-rib.... read more


3470KN (38 days) F-1 hybrid. 2016 AAS Winner. Author Robert E. Howard’s sword-and-sorcery hero emerges once again…as a Kohlrabi? Indeed, the legend... read more


Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce
Optima OG
2815PO (52 days) Released by French seedhouse and breeder Vilmorin in 1995. This dark green uniform MerlotNancy-type butterhead caught lettuce master... read more

Iceberg or Crisphead Lettuce

Iceberg or Crisphead Lettuce
Crispino OG
2924CO (60-65 days) Lettuce master Frank Morton said, “Ozzie and Harriet salad of my youth is making a comeback, and this is the backbone for it.” This... read more
Iceberg or Crisphead Lettuce
Gildenstern OG
2713GO (46 days) Could this mini-iceberg be called an “ice cube”? Folded and blistered light green leaves wrap into a tight crisp whorled 4" head that... read more

Oakleaf Lettuce

Elf Ears Oak
Oakleaf Lettuce
Elf Ears Oak OG
2763EO (50 days) Frank Morton made Elf Ears Oak as small as the vigorous oakleaf-type lettuces will likely allow. The bright green leaf is lightly... read more

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce
Jadeite OG
2855JO (50 days) Fresh from Frank Morton’s legendary lettuce breeding program! True to name, mini-romaine Jadeite’s matte apple-green rounded leaf and... read more



Sugar Cube
Sugar Cube
977CU (80 days) F-1 hybrid. While the breeder’s promo uses all caps to shout muskmelon Sugar Cube’s supreme disease resistance, our exclamations exalted... read more

Onions and Leeks


Ed’s Red OG sold out, substitute 2442.
2443EO (105 days) Open-pollinated. Several years ago when we were looking for a Prisma replacement we put a couple open-pollinated candidates into our... read more
Glacier Rose
Glacier Rose OG sold out, crop shortage
2441GO (100 days) Open-pollinated. Longtime Montana farmer and plant breeder Judy Owsowitz loved the hybrid shallot Prisma for its beauty, taste and long... read more


Shell Peas

Champion of England
Champion of Englandsold out
780CE (70 days) Open-pollinated. The British take their peas and their beer seriously. And legend has it that this superb 1840s English shell pea’s... read more
Emerald Archer
Shell Pea
Emerald Archer OG
758EO (65 days) Open-pollinated. What can scale a pea fence with a plethora of tendrils, pump out a super abundance of peas per pod, all the while... read more
Strike Pea
Shell Pea
Strike Pea
720PE (52 days) Open-pollinated. You won’t strike out on early pea sales with this winner in your starting lineup. A first-early shell pea with an... read more

Snap Peas

Snap Pea
Amish Snap
885AM (62 days) Open-pollinated. Before Drs. Lamborn and Parker bred the now-epic 1952 Sugarsnap, lesser-known precursors called mangetout (‘eat all’ in... read more
Snap Pea
891TS (65 days) Open-pollinated. This 2' tall snap pea is aptly named by the breeder: upon taking the first nibble from our trial planting, “Wow!... read more


Elongated Sweet Peppers

Elongated Sweet Pepper
Apple OG
3764AO (80 days) Open-pollinated. Looking more like a lipstick than an apple, these shiny 4" fruits are elongated, with wide shoulders narrowing to a... read more

Hot Peppers

Caballero Ancho
Hot Pepper
Caballero Ancho
3811AP (65 days green, 84 days red ripe) F-1 hybrid. This Caballero gallantly galloped up to replace Tiburon. These relatively mild hot peppers have a... read more
Carrot Bomb
Hot Pepper
Carrot Bomb OG
3825CO (74 days) Open-pollinated. An explosion of round 1–2" shiny bright tangerine baubles blow up the pepper patch on sturdy 2–2½" plants. The heat is... read more

Sweet Bells

Sweet Bell
Corona ECO
3739CR (90 days) Open-pollinated. An early maturing green-to-orange sweet bell pepper worth the three month wait to fully ripen, at which point the... read more


Culinary Pumpkins

Naked Bear
Culinary Pumpkin
Naked Bear
1725NB (105 days) Cucurbita pepo F-1 hybrid. At first glance, it’s a cute squat 2–4 lb orange mini-pumpkin with thick stubby handles. Perfect for the... read more

Large Pumpkins

Large Pumpkin
Bellatrix OG
1745XO (100 days) Cucurbita pepo F-1 hybrid. Expert trialer Donna Dyrek and her husband use many varieties of big pumpkins to create impenetrable viny... read more


Pearl OG
2245PO (25 days) Open-pollinated. Indeed, a harvest of these uniform flawless snow-white 1–1½" round radishes looks like a string of matched pearls. Both... read more
Pink Lady Slipper
Pink Lady Slipper
2230PL (25 days) Open-pollinated. Named for the large showy wildflower that is listed as “of concern” in the Native Plant Protection Act, this is one... read more


Paste Tomatoes

Plum Regal
Paste Tomato
Plum Regal
4290PR (75 days) F-1 hybrid. Determinate. Fedco staff whipped up a day-long paste-taste this year, saucing 20+ varieties. Plum Regal topped the hybrids... read more

Slicing Tomatoes

Slicing Tomato
Arbason OG
4239AO (76 days) F-1 hybrid. Indeterminate. While first harvest is a few days after Jet Star, we found this reliable organically grown hybrid’s steady... read more
Slicing Tomato
Bizhiki OG
4050ZO (75 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. In this fast-paced world of rapid changes, who remembers Buffalo greenhouse tomato? We last carried it a... read more
Cherokee Green
Slicing Tomato
Cherokee Green OG
4058GO (75 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. Tomato expert Craig LeHoullier noticed and selected this sport of Cherokee Chocolate around 1997.... read more
KC 146
Slicing Tomato
KC 146 OG
4052KO (75 days) Open-pollinated. Semi-Determinate. Also known as Campbell’s 146. When our seed buddy Nate Kleinman at the Experimental Farm Network... read more

Small-Fruited Tomatoes

Cherry Bomb
Small-Fruited Tomato
Cherry Bomb OG
4265CO (64 days) F-1 hybrid. Indeterminate. Spray-wary gardeners everywhere can celebrate! Johnny’s Selected Seeds breeder Emily Haga developed this... read more
Copper Beauty
Small-Fruited Tomato
Copper Beauty OG
4033CO (65 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. This 2" long and 1" wide dark striped grape-plum with a pointed tip appears as ornament sprung from a... read more
Flaming Burst
Small-Fruited Tomato
Flaming Burst
4112FB (70 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. Tomato breeder Tom Wagner is a true auteur, whose depth of skill and imagination come along maybe once... read more
Sweet Aperitif
Small-Fruited Tomato
Sweet Aperitif
4111SA (70 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. These dime-sized red flavor heroes entranced our tasting staff: Roberta said Aperitif was “so sweet,... read more
Tropical Sunset
Small-Fruited Tomato
Tropical Sunset OG
4035TO (65 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. The trial gardens tended by Anna Goff in Deer Isle, Maine, were often bathed in coastal sunset as we... read more


Red & Pink Flesh

Red & Pink Flesh
1045FA (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Northern growers have probably noticed our italicized cautions saying “maybe not really for you” on whopper striped oblong... read more