Kaori Green Shiso


Kaori Green Shiso

(85 days) Perilla frutescens var. crispa Open-pollinated. Highly aromatic and ornamental with frilly serrated leaves. Cinnamony leaves used in sushi and to garnish rice, noodles, soups, pickles or whatever needs a kick of flavor. Think cocktails! A friend waxes poetic about the virtues of shiso: it’s like biting into how a fragrant flower smells. Green shiso was not widely used in Japan until the 1960s.

3282 Kaori Green Shiso
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Additional Information


Perilla frutescens

~500 seeds/g.

Culture: To break dormancy, freeze and thaw the seed several times over a 21–45 day period. Soak seeds several days or until they sprout. Move to indoor flats, then transplant into warm moist well-drained soil. Grows up to 4'. Absolutely intolerant of frost.