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Fedco Seeds Fundraiser

No more applications are being accepted for 2020. Application forms for the 2021 season will be available in late November of 2020.


A Fundraiser with a Wholesome Green Message!

Available to schools and classrooms, PTA groups, 4-H Clubs, Scouts and other non-profit groups.
  • We provide customized order forms with 25 popular easy-to-grow varieties that include variety descriptions, simple cultural instructions and drawings.
  • We customize your order form with: the name of your sale, the date the order form is due to your group, to whom checks are payable, and what price you are charging, and provide you with the address to access your order form as a pdf.
  • We fill the orders in our warehouse, bag them individually for each customer, and ship them to you.
  • You have a choice of two order forms, the regular selection and the all-organic selection. You may choose either or both. The regular selection is less expensive and usually outsells the organic selection. The varieties on each form are the same for all participants. See pdfs of the sample page and organic sample page.
number of
packets sold
price to us
per packet
Regular List
price to us
per packet
All-Organic List
handling charge
39 or fewer

How it Works:

  • Application Deadline: March 13, 2020 is the last day to notify us of your intent to participate and provide your information.
  • Order Deadline: All orders due to us by April 30, 2020. Deadlines are firm!

A Suggested Timeline:

(These are not deadlines. Deadlines are above.)

  • Dec. and Jan. pre-planning.
  • Jan. 31 Submit application.
  • Feb. 17 Launch your sale.
  • Feb. 18 Circulate order forms.
  • March 13 Orders due in to you.
  • March 20 Orders sent to reach us by this date.
  • March 27 We ship your order.

Although we have a suggested retail price, you may set the price you charge. Regardless of your retail price, the cost to you is the same and is determined by how many packets you sell. For the most part, groups that use our suggested retail price have had better sales than groups that chose their own prices.

Tips for a Successful Sale

  • Start planning early. Groups who start early consistently outperform those who don’t.
  • Allow several weeks for your young people to circulate, gather payment, and return their order forms back to you. Those allowing 2-4 weeks for sales outperform those who try to do it all in one week.
  • Use our suggested retail price unless you are confident you can raise more money using a higher price. Be aware that sales resistance sets in at higher prices.
  • Mostly, groups choosing only one of the two forms have outperformed those who sold from both. Use your own judgment, but consider using only one form.
  • Do sort all your individual orders first into piles of regular and organic sale and then by classroom before you send them.
  • Do send us all your individual orders.
  • Do send us the total number of packets ordered and one check.
  • Do send your entire order at once. Please don’t mix and match. Please no add-ons.
  • Don’t spend hours trying to reconcile money and packets ordered to the exact penny. Close is good enough.
  • Don’t figure out total orders for each variety. All we need is one grand total of packets sold for the entire order.
  • Even if you participated last year, don’t use last year’s order form. Get new forms from us each year.

A few important rules:

  • Do contact us after distribution if we made any errors or if you were short packets for any reason.
  • Use the order forms you download from us, not your own forms. Please print both sides of the order form.
  • Please get permission from your institution to participate BEFORE you apply to us.
  • No third party beneficiaries, please. We ask that your group or organization be the beneficiary.
  • We ask that you make a commitment to sell at least 100 packets total.
  • Only one contact person per group; use email rather than the phone.



Fedco Seeds Fundraiser Team
PO Box 520

Clinton, Maine 04927

Bulk Seed Fundraiser

Another fundraiser option: Order seed in bulk quantities and empty packets for students to design packaging, repack seed, and sell. Earn a 5% discount in addition to any other discounts earned. No application required.

More planning and work, more money-making potential, more inherent educational opportunities!

  • You may order online or by mail
  • Purchase seeds of your chosen varieties in bulk (sizes C and up)
  • Students repack the seeds to sell at their own seed store
  • More work, but a lot more fun than the other choices
  • Students design own packets, develop own marketing strategy and learn practical math using scales and scoops.
  • Offers the most money-making potential
  • Involves some financial risk.
  • Requires advance planning
  • You will need scoops and scales. Fedco does not carry these.
  • Can purchase blank self-seal seed packets or use packaging from your office supplies vendor.
  • No order deadline but we recommend ordering before March 15 for best selection. Use the order form in the center of the catalog, or order online.
  • All applicable volume discounts apply to seeds plus an additional 5% school discount
  • SUGGESTIONS: Limit varieties to 12-18 the first year, then gradually expand. Try garden themes such as heirlooms, 3 sisters, all organic, pollinator attractors.