Easy Blue Wave Petunia


Easy Blue Wave Petunia

Petunia x hybrida
F-1 hybrid. Recommended by Nan King of Walpole, NH, many years ago. She prefers Blue Wave’s plant habit to that of Purple Wave, finding it less rangy, more floriferous, and the foliage better at covering the underpinnings. Has bluish-purple flowers and mounding appearance that spreads large. 2003 AAS. Annual. ~10,000 seeds/g.

5323 Easy Blue Wave
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Additional Information

Wave Series Petunia

Our customers have caught The Wave. Each slightly mounded plant carpets the ground with a 4x4' spread of vivid color. This versatile landscaping tool can be used as a low hedge, as a ground cover, or trailing from pots. Waves showed extreme drought tolerance in our trial, sailed through light frost, and bounced back after torrential rain. Although never deadheaded or cut back, the 3" flowers just kept coming and coming.

Culture: Plant in full sun where its robust performance and light fragrance can sweep you away. All varieties pelleted seed, packed by count and shipped in protective vials so none get crushed.


~10,000 seeds/g.

Annual. “If I were limited to one flower with which to decorate my home I would choose Petunias.” –Park’s Flower Book, 1934.

Culture: Start indoors at 70–75° and grow on at same temperature for 8 weeks before setting out after danger of frost. Do not cover seeds; light aids germination. Use loose medium and avoid overwatering. Drought-tolerant sun lovers. All F-1 hybrids.


All flowers are open-pollinated except where noted.

Days in parentheses after a variety indicate days to first bloom.

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